Iron Cupcake Challenge


Iron Cupcake Challenge

  • This multiple stationed event works really well with large groups, we give your group 3 challenges and send them on their creative way
  • The event is guaranteed fondant and buttercream fun!

See what our friends at TrendHunter had to say:

“Thanks again for hosting a wonderful team building day for Trend Hunter! The team had nothing but glowing things to say about Le Dolci and their Iron Cupcake Challenge experience! We had a blast!”

Who will be participating?

  • Your employees a.k.a. IRON CUPCAKE CHEFS.

Why participate in the Iron Cupcake Challenge?

  • Who doesn’t love a challenge and who doesn’t love cupcakes?
  • Prizes are awarded for creativity and there is lots of laughter.

The details

  • The event will be held in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with lots of cupcakes to nibble on.
  • We can also provide catering and drinks.
  • Your group will have the opportunity to unleash their inner child with their fondant (it’s just like Play Doh) and buttercream creativity while participating in our hands-on, team-building, challenges.

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