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It’s stagette season, got sweet plans?

As the pink blossoms bloom and the weather turns warm, stagette season approaches. At this time of year, eager brides-to-be look for something fun and possibly naughty to do before their big day.

Lucky for all you eager brides out there, Le Dolci hosts sugar filled cupcake decorating stagette parties! The classes are private and welcome up to twelve lovely ladies to partake in cupcake decorating, as well as to enjoy a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate. The cupcake fun lasts for two hours and bridesmaids and friends of the bride decorate twelve naughty or nice cupcakes each.

In the past few weeks we have had several bachelorette parties join us for some cupcake fun. If you enjoy sugary sweets, being creative, having a giggle with your best lady friends while sipping your favorite bubbly, than planning your stagette with Le Dolci is just the thing for you!

For inquiries about Le Dolci’s stagette themed parties please call Icing Sugar Towers at 416-262-3400