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Cupcake Decorating Classes-what exactly goes on at Icing Sugar Towers?

Some of you may wonder what exactly goes on in a cupcake decorating class at Le Dolci? And what do you really need to know about cupcake decorating and why has it become so popular?

Over the last few years there has been a surge in the popularity of cupcakes all over the world! Cupcake lovers can be found all over the world and of course here in Canada. Now what is it that makes these precious little cakes so popular?

Well it probably has to do with the fact that they represent a miniature version of a cake and come in all different styles, colours, flavours to tantalize the palette and make cake lovers  go “oooh” and “ahhhh!” They are essentially the most fun little desserts -EVER!

Of course we cannot forget to give credit to the many celebrities that have helped  popularize the cupcake, such as Martha Stewart, who has her very own cupcake recipe book and Sex in the City’s Carrie and Miranda who after they ate one outside of Magnolia Bakery in NYC started the craze in North America.

So, what exactly goes on in a typical cupcake decorating class at Le Dolci? Well first off, the class consists of sugary fun, great for any age! During our two hour class, cupcake fans will be introduced to the basics of cupcake decorating, where they will learn how to use fondant as well as learn about proper piping techniques using piping bags and different types of nozzles.

The first hour is devoted to using fondant; fondant is a sugary substance that almost resembles the look and feel of play dough. You may have seen big food network stars such as Duff Goldman from “Charm City Cakes” play with this fun stuff to decorate one of his wild cakes. Cupcake fans will learn how to properly color fondant using professional food dyes and use different sizes and shapes of cutters to make fun designs to personalize their cupcakes.

The second hour of class consists of learning how to use professional piping bags so that cupcake fans can create luscious swirls and twirls of colourful and sweet buttercream icing, using different nozzles.

At the end of the two hour period you will have acquired the skills and knowledge to dress up a plain old vanilla cupcake into a wonderful work of edible art!

Cupcake fans are given all the required materials at the start of each class; there is no need to bring anything except your favourite apron, and of course your creativity to create some fun, pretty or even wacky cupcakes!

Le Dolci is offering several introductory cupcake classes throughout the year, make sure you check them out and we look forward to having you join us for some creative cupcake decorating fun here at Icing Sugar Towers!