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Sign up for our next Themed class! Don’t forget your tiaras and tails!! Saturday 17th September!

At this introduction to cupcake decorating class, suitable for anyone at any age, participants will work with professional tools to create their own cupcake works of art. At our first annual Toronto International Film Festival Class (TIFF) class there will be tiaras, bow ties, classic films playing in the background and TIFF inspired music. Class participants are encouraged to wear their most glamorous frocks and tails. Participants will work with fondant and professional food colouring to make TIFF related decorations like film reels, tuxedos, champagne flutes and a profile of George Clooney, who is also cordially invited to the class (we hope he can make it!)

After working with fondant, participants will then experiment with our silky smooth buttercream icing. Using the deliciously sinful buttercream they will test out different piping nozzles and colors to make wonderful swirls and whirls to adorn the cupcakes. We see a Cupcake Oscar in sight!

Participants will have a fun time in a relaxing atmosphere, have gained confidence in working with fondant, food colouring, cutters and piping bags and leave with a set of fabulously decorated cupcakes that friends and family will be suitably impressed by! Class time is 2 hours.