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Terrific Truffles!

All we need to do is look to confectionery to see why the old adage, “big things come in small packages,” rings true.  The chocolate truffle is the epitome of bite-size decadence and at Le Dolci’s truffle making class on Friday, November 25th from 7-9pm you’ll have the opportunity to sink your teeth (literally!) into one of France’s most luxurious creations.

We not only marvel at a truffle’s exquisite, polished appearance but we also revel in its complex interior of chocolate filling.  What makes the chocolate truffle so special is the concentration of flavour in its ganache center.  Cooked at just the right temperature, solid semisweet chocolate is combined with cream and then cooled to form a rich, smooth paste.  Coated in an outer shell of chocolate – be it dark, milk, or white – truffles can then be rolled in cocoa powder, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, or any number of other sweet flavourings.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to truffles’ fillings and flavourings with fruity, nutty, tea & coffee inspired options just to name a few!

At Le Dolci’s truffle making class, you’ll have the pleasure of experimenting and mixing flavourful concoctions of ganache filling, outfitting your truffles in an attire of sweet coating, and taking your dainty creations home – don’t be surprised if they disappear before then though!