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Sooo…you want to decorate cupcakes at home but don’t know where to start?? We have a ‘Sweet Starter Package’ which is perfect to fill your icing sugar toolbox with all of the basics!

Make your own wonderful cupcakes at home with our starter kit!

  • White rolled fondant-1kg -this is great for you to make any shapes and fun stuff to top your cupcakes with
  • Fondant rolling pin- non-stick rolling pin is perfect for preparing small amounts of fondant to decorate with. Roll out fondant evenly, comes with two guide rings (1/8” & 1/16”)
  • Food colouring– primary colors which can mix to make any colour 1) red 2) blue 3) green 4) yellow
  • Cupcake cases – two packs: one for minis & one for regular sized cupcakes – these 500 packs will last for ages!
  • Fondant cutters – basic 3 piece metal star, heart, circle and flower cutters (total qty. 4)
  • Piping bags– we suggest reusable ones as you never need to worry about buying them again and also they are great for the environment! Our bags are made for pastry chefs so are great quality, made in Germany. Our 18inch bag is what we suggest for your sugary toolbox.

Cost for your starter toolbox is $84.99 +HST.

We think this would be a great package to start with and then you can add more to the toolbox of fun once you get comfortable with it all and do a little bit of experimenting. Call to order one of our starter packages! 

416-262-3400 or email us on info (at)