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Things We Love – Parisian Macarons from Ladurée

Sweet cream filling sandwiched between soft, melt-in-your-mouth meringue shells – that’s the beauty of Parisian macarons!  Not only do we love cupcakes, but we also adore eating and experimenting with macarons and have many happy students who have taken our Marvelous Macaron class with Mardi to prove it.

Tucked in delicate display cases like fine jewels, patisseries from all over the world are catching on to the artistry and fun of this luxurious sweet treat.  We can’t get enough of these dainty sweets and if we had to choose a favourite macaron shop straight from the source, it would have to be Ladurée in Paris, France.  The hush setting of the shop features macarons, cakes, pastries, chocolates, a delicatessen, home fragrances and candles, and beauty products to pamper those sweet cheeks and lips.  It is our version of heaven, in Paris, so we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Our favourite things about Ladurée and their macarons have to be their seasonal flavours  (grape cinnamon, Granny Smith apple, and forêt noire, also known as Black Forest) and how they combine fashion with sweets!  We thought we were happy when we discovered murder mystery novels centred around sweets and cute dessert jewelery and baubles, but incorporating fashion design and sweets just takes the cake!

Ladurée has several collections of macarons that are packaged in fashionable houndstooth boxes and boxes made to replicate the look of luxurious, antique jewelery boxes.  Just think, after you polish off the box of sweet delicious macarons, you can keep the beautiful packaging!  If you have a sweet tooth like we do and love to travel, you absolutely must indulge in this type of Parisian experience! We luv.

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