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Madre. Maman. Mãe. Oma. Inay. Mutter. Mum. Mor. Mama.However you say it, in whatever language, the word for “mother” has a thousand and one subtle variations, most of which usually translate, at one time or another, into something like: “Thanks for everything, mom.”

To all of the wonderful Mothers who have come to a class to have some me time, brought their daughter to a class for a special surprise treat, Mums who have organized parties for their children’s birthday parties and for so may of the Mother’s who have supported our little business along the way we send you big icing sugar hugs today and always! You have a tough, yet rewarding job and we love you dearly.

Special thanks goes out to our own Mum extraordinaire Momma Dolce, you are tops! We love you.