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Things We Love: ABC Travel Guides for Kids

The ABC Travel Guides for Kids provides detailed and helpful guides focused on different cities in the States. With ABC Travel Guides for Kids, the kid-friendly places that have been selected to explore and feature in their books will make trip planning a breeze!

The creators of ABC Travel Guides for Kids will be traveling to Toronto this summer to work on their first international title: ABC TORONTO! Besides introducing Le Dolci in their guide, they’ll be exploring other fun kid and family-friendly destinations such as Casa Loma, CN Tower, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Science Centre.

On their website, they have section calledd 15 things we love where they break down each city and include 15 must-visit attractions that they personally recommend. Several examples are museums, parks, aquariums, zoos, and markets. Another great section of their website is Fun Trips where you can attend 3 day trips and experience a variety of fun activities with your family.

The colourful images and activity pages to illustrate the top family attractions, from A to Z, will allow kids to be part of the exciting planning process!