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Things We Love in PARIS – Fragonard Parfumeur

We’re going to definitely check this place out again as we host 10 lucky guests on our first FOODIE TRIP to Paris this July.

Entranced by the delicate and robust scents that make up your favourite perfume? The history of perfume making is probably one of the most fascinating processes that began centuries ago! That bottle of Chanel No5 that you spritz on yourself each morning has quite a history.

One of our favourite places in the romantic city of Paris is the Fragonard Parfumeur Museum and shop.  Located in a beautiful Napoleon style townhouse built in 1860 by a student of the Opera Garnier, which is actually just foot steps away; the museum houses all the secrets to French perfume making.


The museum is open Monday through to Sunday and offers free guided tours that are designed to take you back in time to when perfume was made by hand and each scent added to a bottle was carefully chosen to create a unique musk for the individual. The museum is full of historic equipment that was used to produce these scents, by the end of the tour you will test your nose to see just how good you are at identify scents without actually having the ingredient visible to you.

After testing your nose, you can also visit the Fragonard store which is also located in the building. There you will find beautifully packaged bottles of perfume that contain scents you would never find back here in North America. Although the store may seem quite girly, they do also carry a very nice range of men`s colognes for all those significant others out there.


If you decide to venture out of the city of Paris, a trip to the actual Fragonard perfume factory in the Old Town of Grasse would certainly be a memorable experience. This factory is one of the oldest in the town of Grasse.

If you love smelling sweet, on your next trip to Paris (or if you join us this July) be sure to drop by this stunning museum to pick out your individual scent.