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PARIS LOVE: DAY 1 in Paris & THE frothiest cappuccino

Hello sweet friends,
In just six short hours our journey from Toronto ended in the magical city of Paris. We landed in the city of Lights this morning to a grey and chillier day than we are used to in the City of Toronto (is it still scorching??). We were greeted with an easy customs process and then hopped in a taxi to our quaint apartment in the lovely Marais neighbourhood.

We are surrounded by French bistros, cafes, art galleries (the Picasso Museum), Le Seine is a few steps away and we already have had the most delectable croissants, cafe au lait and THE FROTHIEST cappuccino. Bar the jet lag that is making us a bit clumsy and slow we are delighted to be here.
We met with Jane and Olivier from La Cuisine Paris today and are super excited to get our group in there on Monday. They start the week off by making croissant and pain au choclat! We wish we could share it with you via the blog but hopefully our pictures will do it justice, or you will just have to sign up for next year’s trip.

Our friends in Paris have given us secret hideaway bars and hidden restaurants off the beaten path to visit and we are already preparing for the stretchy pant wearing!

Paris today is magical even if it is a bit chilly; we are in the midst of summer festivals and the summer vibe of people milling about lounging in cafes and strolling around with french baguettes in hand. Lots of pictures to follow!

Our shop and studio is open as usual for classes, the fabulous sweet team are there if you need any sweet orders, class queries or more – give them a ring, for now Lisa Dolci is in our Paris office – a quaint cafe of the day in Le Marais 🙂

Greetings from Paris!
Bonne Journee a tous!


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  1. Lisa, thank you for this wonderful update! Please give my best to a dear friend, Giovanna, who is with you on this amazing trip! I know you’ll all have a trip of a life time! Looking forward to more updates 🙂

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