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Kitchen Knife Skills

Have you ever wondered how to slice, dice, julienne or chiffonade your vegetables like a pro? In this hands-on class you will learn the fundamental knife skills, how to chose a knife, safe handling and how to cut up all the vegetables required to make a delicious French Quiche.

Make your Asian cooking really shine in this class specializing in comparing the classical European cuts to the traditional Asian cuts such as rolling wedges, rectangular cuts, bias strips and using vegetable cutters, with enough hands on vegetable cutting that you can make your on noodle dish the next night.  We will then do a wok cooking demonstration, showing how correct cuts and wok order can make your stir fries taste like  restaurant quality dishes

Learn to cut up fruit and make simple yet beautiful fruit platter in this class using all of our fabulous seasonal fruit. Learn how to segment, core, dice, wedge and mince as well as how to make simple fruit platters. Discover fabulous fruit combinations that really pop and make a professional fruit topping for a pre-made custard tart.

Class Time – 2 hours