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The Marilyn Denis Show

Our $900 cupcake was featured on The Marilyn Denis Show and we’re super excited! Check it out here.


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The cupcake features Kona Blue Mountain coffee in the chocolate buttercream, sea salt from Carmargue, France, organic cane sugar, Valhrona cocoa powder and Tahitian vanilla beans. The pastry cream is made with Krug Collection brut champagne, Rosewood Estate honey and an essence of Tahitian vanilla beans.


The frosting is prepared with Normandy Butter, which is made by a historic French butter cooperative, and is mixed with 70% Amedei italian made chocolate. The Amedei chocolate delivers undertones of honey, caramel, lavender, vanilla, banana and orange blossom.


The cupcake sits in a handmade, edible chocolate cup garnished with crunchy pearls and dusted with 24-karat gold flakes.
The cupcake is adorned with an edible gold painted branch with leaves, fondant flowers edged in gold, edible sugar diamonds and delicate handmade champagne caviar bubbles.
The cupcake features a pipette filled with limited edition Courvoisier that is drizzled atop the cupcake before you take the first bite.