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Boot Camp and fun don’t usually go together. We generally associate them with rigorous physical workouts that leave our bodies screaming for help! We promise you, though, we have a very fun version of the boot camp here at LeDolci. And it begins on April 11. Come join us for our BAKING BOOTCAMP! Taught by our superstar Red Seal Pastry Chef Lindsey, some of you may have taken her classes before and you know that her classes are filled with fun and education all wrapped into one.

From April 11 until May 2, join us every Tuesday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. to learn a unique baking skill.

We will begin week one with Baking Essentials 101. Here, we will learn to bake cookies and cakes and discuss some fundamentals of baking.

Following this will be quick breads and savory baking in week two. You can create your own high tea, because we are going to bake scones, muffins, quiche and savory pies.

Week three will introduce us to dough lamination, and we learn about puff pastry as well as baking delicious croissants, danishes and cinnamon buns.

In the final week, we will master the intimidating world of breads and yeast. We are going to conquer brioche, focaccia and braided challah.

The total fee for the camp is $375, which includes four lessons, all food costs and delicious results to take home. No tools or equipment are required. If you constantly ogle at the scrumptious bakes on the Great British Bake Off, this is your chance to actually create them! Come join us for four weeks of fun and some solid baking action. We hope to see you then!