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Chef Lindsey: The Apple of my Pie

A regular day at Le Dolci Bakery entails a lot of baking, decorating, packaging, preparing for and hosting classes and a lot more. In all the daily hustle and bustle, we seldom find the time to take a break. However, from time to time, we get notes from customers giving kudos to our work and our team.

We recently hosted a group of Elite Yelpers for a mini pie baking class and our very own Red Seal Pastry Chef Lindsay made it a huge success.

During class, Chef Lindsay taught participants to bake the perfect apple pie with a flaky crust and delicious filling. In addition to this, participants were served champagne and cupcakes to add to the enjoyment. Being a self-confessed pastry geek, Chef Lindsay couldn’t resist explaining the science behind making the perfect pie, something that our attendees really enjoyed.

Chef Lindsay is known for her unique and fun teaching style. Trust her to make pie-making a breeze. She makes it a point to demonstrate every step of the process in detail, use analogies that make the recipe less daunting and mix in creativity with science while making everyone laugh.

At the end of the class, we had 12 happy Yelpers who learned to bake a great apple pie. They also left Chef Lindsay some phenomenal reviews on Yelp. We are elated with the response and loved the opportunity to host this class.

For four years now, Chef Lindsay has hosted classes as Le Dolci and we love having her in our team. Her knowledge and expertise are complemented by her positive attitude and enthusiasm towards teaching. Be it staff or students, she is loved and appreciated by all. Go team Lindsey!

She will be conducting a baking bootcamp starting April 11, as well as the Parisian macaron class on on April 13, and we would love to have you participate in these.
See you then!

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Xo Team Le Dolci