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Divorce Cakes at Le Dolci

The end of a marriage is painful and sad, but can also be a good thing. How, you may ask? Because it marks a new beginning and people have the opportunity to move on and explore what lies ahead. It is perhaps for this reason that divorce parties are all the rage now. And parties always call for cake.

Our very own Lisa Sanguedolce was recently interviewed by Global News where she spoke about the growing trend of divorce cakes. “The market for divorce cakes is growing and we are getting more requests for these regularly”, said Sanguedolce. She added, “people are more open now with their feelings and divorce is no longer considered a taboo. The people who request for these cakes have had a very difficult time in their relationship and consider a breakup or divorce as a release. Consequently, they want to celebrate their new beginning with family and close friends, and cake is always a good idea.”

Check out the piece on Global News.

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