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The Parisian Macaron Class: My Take

Have you ever fantasized about French macarons? Little decadent pieces of heaven with a ganache or buttercream filling; every bite filled with pleasure. They remind me of the most beautiful city in the world – the one on top of my bucket list – Paris! Even though I haven’t visited yet, I always daydream about sitting in a Parisian cafe, admiring the romance of the city, sipping coffee and eating macarons from a dainty ceramic dish.

So when I discovered Le Dolci and their macaron class, I pictured a part of my dream coming true, right here in Toronto! I signed up for the class and hoped to live a bit of Paris through my experience. To begin with, the classroom looked a bit like how I have always pictured Paris – a very welcome sign! I shared the class with a group of baking enthusiasts and we were instructed by the lovely Chef Lindsey.

She began the class by having us taste some macarons that were just perfect. She explained how macarons are made in France, the technique of making them, the ingredients and the little nuances that contribute to making the perfect macarons. During the session, she explained the scientific process behind building and baking the macaron and I was simply mind blown! For the first time, I understood why my macarons are hollow and why they don’t hold their shape when I pipe them on a tray.

I must admit I was a bit hesitant to attend the class at first because I doubted my ability to replicate the French classic. But Lindsey’s comforting manner and her attention to detail is so spot on, that I just jumped into the process and made some of the most beautiful macarons of my life. Lindsey guided us through every step of the process and even suggested the best places to buy supplies and ingredients at a reasonable price. From getting the ingredients ready, to making the perfect meringue, to piping and baking the macarons, Lindsey helped us through the entire process and made sure we were comfortable.

She also gave us various ideas for filling and decorating the macarons. Be it unicorn-shaped, bite-sized macarons, ones with sprinkles or glitter or different color combinations, we created art in the form of beautiful desserts. Practicing among a group also made the experience more enjoyable and full of laughs, motivation and cheerful banter.

At the end of the two-hour class, I returned home with a box of macarons that I had made in the class. I also received a set of instructions during the class and by email the next morning. The macaron class at Le Dolci not only gave me a break from my routine, but also helped live part of my fantasy, learn the minutest details behind the art of the French macaron and make new friends through my culinary journey. I would definitely recommend this class to all the baking enthusiasts out there. Take the class to learn the secret behind French macarons and have fun through the process!


P.S. – I am now an intern at LeDolci and you will hear from me often. I am so excited to share my journey and dolci experiences with you. Until next time cupcakes 🙂