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Cannoli Calling at Le Dolci!

Having had the opportunity to live in America for a few years, I have tasted some great cannolis from the Italian bakeries in Boston and New York. Nothing beats the feeling of a seriously strong cup of coffee and a cannoli that is done right. The dessert really comes together in two parts: the thin and crispy shell and the filling with fresh ricotta cheese, preferably goat’s or sheep’s cheese like they do in Sicily.

If you love cannolis as much as I do, it would be a great idea to take the cannoli class at Le Dolci! The class will teach you to make these beauties from start to finish, the crispy shell and the light, flavorful and creamy filling. The best part is you get to eat all of your cannolis or take them home to share, if you’re feeling generous 😉

Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is! Join us in class on Saturday, July 8, 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. You can book your spot here.

See you in class so we can conquer cannolis together!