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Come Take the Croissant Class at Le Dolci

Nothing says happiness better than that perfect cuppa and a buttery, flaky croissant. Often, people are intimidated by the thought of making croissants and rely on local bakeries for their daily fix. However, making your own croissant is neither difficult, nor complicated. All that is required is the right ingredients and good technique. Once you understand the basics of creating multilayered dough, you will be well on your way to wowing your friends with delicious croissants.

Le Dolci has the perfect class for creating your very own splendid croissants. In this hands-on and butter filled class, you will learn to prepare and do folds of the classic “paton” laminated dough. You will be taught how to roll and cut a perfect croissant, learn about yeast, proofing and work with the pastry chef to create the classic croissant along with a variety of flaky pastries.

Due to the timing required for croissants to proof you will take home some warm Chef prepared croissants, along with the paton to freeze or bake at home on a special Sunday morning.

Reserve your spot here and join us in class as we conquer the croissant together!

Priya & Team Le Dolci