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Let’s Bake Bread at Le Dolci!

How can we even begin to explain the importance of bread? It is such a staple that we can’t imagine one day without eating bread. No seriously! We don’t even want to go there.

For all the bread and baking enthusiasts, DIY gurus, and inquisitive peeps in general, Le Dolci regularly hosts a bread making workshop. In this introduction to bread session, you learn to master the fundamentals of bread making.

Each student will learn basic Milk Bread and Focaccia recipes, using various hands-on techniques and showcasing the multi–purposes of each of the recipes. You will take home recipes including detailed instructions, and lots of bread. After taking this class you will have the building blocks to tackle any bread recipe with confidence and success.

Join us at the store, and learn to make bread even Paul Hollywood will be proud of! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

For more information about the class, or to book your spot in class, visit our website.

Priya & Team Le Dolci