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Naked Cake Decorating at Le Dolci!

As an intern at Le Dolci, the thing I’ve wanted to do the most is decorate a naked cake – or as you may know it – the perfect disaster cake!

Can you imagine an uninterrupted two hours, where you get to level, mask and scrape a cake perfectly to look like it was made in a bakery? You also get to get to place perfect treats on the cake such as chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, Oreo cookies, caramel popcorn and chocolate shards. Furthermore, Our Chef will also help you create your own stunning chocolate shards, feathers and other wonders designed purely for the “WOW” factor.

The Naked Cake is currently all the rage and what could be better than demystifying its beauty? Not only is it stunning and therapeutic, it also makes for some great social media posts. Rest assured that the pictures of your completed creations will blow up your social media along with your taste buds.

Book your sport for the class here, and be the proud creator of this modern beauty. Don’t forget to check out my photos from my class 🙂

Priya & Team Le Dolci