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Toronto Family Vacation Guide

Toronto is an exciting family getaway, with lots to see, eat and explore. The bustling skyline with the backdrop of Lake Ontario is a favourite for many, including the folks at Family Traveller. We were thrilled that they stopped by our hometown and took some time to take a Unicorn Decorating Class here at Le Dolci.

As Carey Riley wrote, her and her daughter took their bonding to the next level when they joined us for a Unicorn Cake Decorating Class. Carey says they “learned how to roll out the fondant to create a golden horn and properly pipe the frosting for the mane. Plus we ended up with a delicious cake in the end”. Nothing ends a family vacation like some sweets, right?

Next time you are visiting Toronto or wanting to play tourist in your own city, stop by Le Dolci for a culinary class and take home something more than just memories! Check out our Online Class Schedule to learn about our famous Unicorn Cake Decorating Classes plus so much more!