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School Season is Here, Treats are Near

Visit us at Scarborough Town Centre to get your Sweet Fix

At Le Dolci we have a wide range of sweet treats for the school year ahead!

  1. Make your Own Chocolate Chip Cookies Jar:  The perfect study companion, chocolate chip cookies! Imagine the smell around the house when baking these delicious treats. 

2. Cupcakes: These precious treats are the best. No one dislikes a cupcake right? Get a half-dozen or a full dozen and send them to student council president or bring them to            your next study date.  

3. Macarons: Get a half-dozen in interesting flavours such as lavender and maple syrup and share them with your teacher, or your parents who help with your homework.     

4. Love Bugs: These little creatures will melt the hearts of the most grumpy teachers or be perfect for the school crush. Or again, bring one home to grandma. 

 Pick up at our Scarborough Town Centre Location, order online or give us a ring at 416-296-9900.