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Hockey Night with Le Dolci

The NHL regular season is upon us and we want you to take in all the action with some yummy treats.

Happy Mitch Marner stayed with the Maple Leafs? Why not share a Leafs cake with your fellow fan?

Celebrating a hockey fan’s birthday? Let us know what team you follow and we’ll come up with something delicious and eye catching. You can order a custom cake by emailing a picture of your dream hockey cake to You can choose from 6 different flavours so you’re sure to make the right choice no matter the selection. Here are some hockey cakes we’ve done in the past for hockey VIPs staying in town.

If you’re looking to enjoy a smaller treat, we have assorted cupcakes, cake truffles or some mouthwatering sweet and spicy popcorn mix for nibbling.

Be sure to follow our cake adventures on Instagram and post how you’re enjoying our hockey sweet treats.

Amanda xo