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NUTS for Doughnuts! Join our Upcoming Doughnut Fun Class

Doughnuts are definitely a pastry classic. The iconic round-shaped dessert completed with a centre hole has risen to popularity over the last century. The tasty treat comes in so many different sizes, flavours and styles that it is hard to keep up. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your very own doughnuts, you have to join our Doughnut Making Class this Saturday from 10am-12noon!

In this two-hour doughnut class, students learn the fundamentals of creating yeast dough and batter with a variety of toppings and glazes. We want to provide our students with all the tasty toppings they love and enjoy on their favourite doughnuts to make their creations the most personal and delicious. The best part is everyone takes home their goodies to share (or save for themselves!).

Click here to sign up today for the inside scoop on the doughnut making process and learn to make all your doughnut dreams come true. We are located at 1006 Dundas Street West across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. We can’t wait to go nuts for doughnuts with you!

– Nathan & Team Le Dolci

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Making the list, “Where to Take Baking Classes in Toronto”

We offer a wide range of classes at our Trinity Bellwoods culinary studio. Our classes teach students valuable baking knowledge from respected chefs and supply them with tasty treats to go home with! Yesterday we were featured on’s “Where to Take Baking Classes in Toronto List.”

We aim to create the ultimate learning experience for our students who attend our classes, so we are excited that put us at the top of their list. Here is what they had to say:

“Le Dolci is a culinary classroom and bake shop located close to Trinity Bellwoods Park. As well as picking up special occasion cakes or a box of macarons, Le Dolci also runs culinary classes and baking camps, as well as classes for kids. Classes include their Unicorn Cake Class, where you’ll learn to make your own Eunice the Unicorn Cake. Create a unicorn horn, paint using edible gold and pipe a rainbow “mane” of icing.  In their Butter Tarts class learn to master this Canadian classic, or learn to make classic desserts for your next potluck in their Retro Pies class, including homemade coconut and chocolate custard cream.”

Our Unicorn Cakes have become widely successful and so have the classes where we teach our students how to decorate their own! Special thanks to for taking the time to review our bake shop and placing us on their baking class recommendation list. Click here to check out our class schedule and book your own to take part in the best baking experience in the city!

-Nathan & Team Le Dolci

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Enter She Does The City Summer Essentials Contest To Win A $1700 Prize Pack Including Two Free Passes To One Of Our Classes!

No summer vacation is complete without some sweet summer baking, that’s why we are teaming up with She Does The City by including two free passes to one of our baking classes in their Summer Essentials prize pack!

This amazing prize pack includes exciting Toronto activities, tasty eats and features the most fabulous products. Dying to know what else is inside? They hook you up with admission tickets to the ROM, hair products from John Frieda, a gift card from ZA Pizzeria, a self-care package from Hammam Spa, a classy bag from Nine West, a summer reading list from Simon and Schuster, a 5-class mat pass from MISFITSTUDIO, and a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier!

You can’t miss your chance to enjoy the coolest summer activities, foods and products the city has to offer with their Summer Essentials prize pack, and entering is easy. You can enter through Twitter, Facebook and Email, here’s how:

To enter on Twitter:

Tweet: “Hi @shedoesthecity, please pick me to be the #HotSummerInTheCity winner, I’m obsessed with your summer essentials!”

To enter on Facebook:

Keep an eye out for our contest posts over the next month, and LIKE + COMMENT on them for your chance to win!

To enter on email:

Shoot us a note at with subject line “I NEED your summer essentials!”

Click here to view our class list to see which class you’d love to attend if you won. The contest closes August 15 and contestants can enter once a day for the duration of the contest. Good luck to all who enter and we’ll see the winner soon!

– Nathan & Team Le Dolci

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Making the List, “The Best Custom Cakes in Toronto”

Each of our cakes is unique in style and taste. We love to create gorgeous and delicious cakes for our guests. Last month we were lucky enough to be voted on the top 10 list of blogTO’s best custom cakes ranking. We love reading blogTO for our weekly fix of what to do in the city and they are one of the most popular online media sources in the GTA.

 With six years of business under our belt, we certainly appreciate the recognition from such a mainstream outlet. Here is what they had to say about us on their list:



“This Dundas West place will create any custom flavour of cake you can imagine with a special request, and they offer carrot, vanilla, and chocolate gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options. Other than that, choose from unique options like strawberry, salted caramel, or cookies and cream. They’re known for their logic-defying ice cream cone cakes, and customize with decorations of popcorn, fruit and flowers.”

We love our Ice Cream Cone Cakes and we certainly do love to decorate with popcorn! Special thanks to the readers of blogTO for taking the time to vote for our bake shop and put us on the Best Custom Cakes In Toronto list. Here’s to our shop making many more lists and providing our clients with the best custom cakes in the city! 

 -Nathan & Team Le Dolci


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Staff Portraits! Today’s Culinary Superstar: Carla DeGenova

If there is anyone who loves to feed the staff at Le Dolci, it is our Head Baker, Carla.  Her calm demeanour and wonderful smile paired with her genius creations win us over every time. At 5’11, she will frequently ask her colleagues what life looks like from their short point of view.Tall and mighty, here’s presenting Staff Portraits with Carla DeGenova:

Q 1. If you were a new entry to the cake case, which cake would you be?

I would be a passion fruit cake because passion fruit is the best flavour in the world.

Q 2. If you could be a cupcake, what flavour would you choose?

I would be a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream.

Q 3. Who is your favourite superhero?

Wonder Woman!

Q 4. What is your spirit animal?

A horse because they are sturdy and elegant.

Q 5. What is one word to describe you best?

I am going to say calm.

Q 6. What is your favourite part about being a cake baker/decorator?

I enjoy the creative freedom that baking brings.

Q 7. Are there any suggestions or advice you would like to tell customers?

Trust the baker and give them the creative freedom to make your cake.

Q 8.  What has been your best creation so far?

The gluten free chocolate cookie – I love baking chocolate desserts.

Q 9. Who inspires you the most, and why?

My Mom is my biggest inspiration because she does everything. Cooking, baking, woodwork and everything else. She is great at whatever she tries and I aspire to be like her.

Q 10. Who would you like to share a piece of cake with, dead or alive?

I would like to share a piece of cake with Lucille Ball, because everyone loves Lucy.

Come by the store to meet Carla and discuss your favourite funny moments from I Love Lucy!

Our staff are in shop Monday-Friday putting cakes together for various different events and retailers. Located at 1006 Dundas Street West across from Trinity Bellwoods Park, you can see them through our store front window working their hardest to meet the demands of our beloved clients. Drop by and take a look for yourself!

Stay Tuned for our next Staff Portrait!

-Nathan & Team Le Dolci

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UNREAL UNICORNS! Join This Weekends Unicorn Cake Class And Create a Magical Unicorn Masterpeice!

We’re thrilled over how popular our Unicorn Cakes have become here at Le Dolci. They are as cute as they are tasty and make the perfect celebration cake. The only thing we can think of better than receiving one is learning how to make your very own! If you would like to learn the magical tips and tricks behind our Unicorn Cakes, join our Unicorn Cake Class this Sunday from 2pm-5:30pm!

This class will teach you all the unicorn pastry essentials. Students will learn how to mask their cakes in buttercream, paint their own golden unicorn horn, create fondant eyes and ears and finish off with piping a colourful mane! Students will learn unique techniques that will allow them to improve and develop their decorating skills. Not only that, but they’ll get to take home their very own Unicorn Cake!

Sign up here today and book your spot to create your very own Unicorn Cake! Our studio is located at 1006 Dundas Street West across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. We can’t wait to see you and start decorating!

-Nathan & Team Le Dolci

Our famous Eunice the Unicorn Cake


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Rave Reviews and Customer Thank Yous! We Share Some of Our Best Client Feedback About Our Cakes and Classes.

We at Le Dolci take pride in creating amazing cakes and providing unique culinary experiences to those who take our classes. Our combination of sweet treats and hands-on collaboration in our studio has been loved by the masses for over five years strong.

We take the time to create your dream cake and teach you special baking techniques, so it is always nice when our customers take time out of their own busy schedules to write us back about their positive experiences. It means a lot to our hard working staff when they receive your positive feedback.

Here are some of the great things people have said to us after receiving one of our cakes or attending one of our classes.

I just wanted to say thank you so much because the cake was amazing! Delivery was so worth it. I really appreciate everything and how easily you assisted me – I’ll for sure be a repeat customer. I raved about your great service to all of our guests – you were kind, helpful and very great at helping me organise- thank you!

 – Elizabeth, June 18, 2017

 Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I absolutely loved the class. My husband gifted it to me for Christmas. The instructor was wonderful. She was funny and really entertained while instructing, keeping our attention and teaching such interesting tips and tricks. I left feeling like I am a doughnut master now! I wrote a 5-star review on Google for Le Dolci as well as on my 5k Cakewalk Facebook page. Thanks for the recipes and a great time!

 – Jelena, January 8, 2017

I’m so sorry it has taken me more than a week to get back to you. First off I have to say the cake was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was a spectacular hit for children and adults alike. But the best part was it tasted even better than it looked! (Which sounds quite impossible – but it’s actually not.) The texture of the Funfetti was divine. I must admit I had a terribly hard time sharing the leftovers with the birthday girl and I find my heart racing at just the thought of the cake. I have a special secret trick: I nuke my slice until the buttercream is so soft that it actually starts melting. The cake is way more flavourful that way and has a superior texture. Of course, you can’t serve it that way, but if you ever sneak a slice, please try it. Simply put, it was perfection.

– Nicole, Feb 12, 2017

From all of us at Team Le Dolci, thank you for your continued love and support. Your kind words make all of our hard work purposeful. Here is to many more years of cool classes and great cakes!


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Come See What’s in Our Shop! What You Can Expect to Find Here in Le Dolci

Located at 1006 Dundas Street West across from Trinity Bellwoods Park, our cake-making studio is filled with tasty treats and delicious scents. As people pass by on their way to work or while walking through the park, they may wonder, “What’s inside?”

 Divided into two sections, our store consists of a cake creation studio and workshop on one side, and a café and office space on the other. Throughout the day, you can find our team of dedicated culinary experts creating cakes, cupcakes and macarons for our shop, custom orders and some of our wholesale customers. Our staff works nonstop to make the most unique and top quality cakes in the city. You can see their effortless baking and decorating through our storefront window.

 If you’re looking for something sweet to snack on, our café side is the place to stop. When inside, you can find a variety of tasty treats. Each day we have different bakery cakes in our fridge, you never know what could be featured! If you’re looking for a quick cake pick up, you can give us a call at 416-262-3400 to see what we have ready for you!

 If you want something smaller we also offer cupcakes in six delicious flavours; cookies and cream, Belgian chocolate, strawberry buttercream, French vanilla, red velvet cream cheese and salted caramel. Macarons, sugar cookies and vegan-organic peach rings are also found here in abundance! Pair a sweet treat with a cup of coffee or cold brew for the ultimate Le Dolci experience.

 Drop by today to see and taste what we do! You can find Amanda, Lisa and myself in our little office spaces keeping Le Dolci running. We hope to see you in our cute little space soon!

 – Nathan & Team Le Dolci