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Things We Love!

We’re starting a new series of blog posts here at Icing Sugar Towers entitled, “Things We Love” and it’s here that you’ll find everything that strikes our fancy: sweets, fashion, home decor, books, and much more!  What we’re currently digging: foodie murder mysteries!  The food murder mystery genre has really exploded within the past several years and we can’t get enough of Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen mysteries because not only are the novels amazing reads, they have RECIPES in them!  Cookies, cakes, pies, frostings, you name it.  Reading has never been so delicious.

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Terrific Truffles!

All we need to do is look to confectionery to see why the old adage, “big things come in small packages,” rings true.  The chocolate truffle is the epitome of bite-size decadence and at Le Dolci’s truffle making class on Friday, November 25th from 7-9pm you’ll have the opportunity to sink your teeth (literally!) into one of France’s most luxurious creations.

We not only marvel at a truffle’s exquisite, polished appearance but we also revel in its complex interior of chocolate filling.  What makes the chocolate truffle so special is the concentration of flavour in its ganache center.  Cooked at just the right temperature, solid semisweet chocolate is combined with cream and then cooled to form a rich, smooth paste.  Coated in an outer shell of chocolate – be it dark, milk, or white – truffles can then be rolled in cocoa powder, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, or any number of other sweet flavourings.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to truffles’ fillings and flavourings with fruity, nutty, tea & coffee inspired options just to name a few!

At Le Dolci’s truffle making class, you’ll have the pleasure of experimenting and mixing flavourful concoctions of ganache filling, outfitting your truffles in an attire of sweet coating, and taking your dainty creations home – don’t be surprised if they disappear before then though!

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Cookies Yum! –Cookie Decorating

Mention the word “cookie” to anyone and you won’t be surprised to find that a host of happy memories are connected with this popular sweet, chewy & crunchy confection.  Remember that glorious feeling you had growing up, pressing your nose up against the glass display case at your local bakery, eyeing all the beautifully decorated sugar cookies?

Remember the giddiness that came over you the second that sugar cookie was placed delicately in your hands before that first sweet bite?  Not only can you relive that nostalgia at Le Dolci’s sugar cookie decorating class this Saturday October 1st from 1-3pm (icing, sprinkles, sugar cookies, oh my!), but you can also ice different shaped sugar cookies while learning a host of decorating techniques from our resident cookie decorating expert, Daniela!

You will have the tools of the trade to make colourful, cute, delicious sugar cookies with smooth, colourful icing and in no time. After the class, make your own sweetly decorated sugar cookies for gifts and party favours – or simply for yourself (it’ll be our little secret, we won’t tell anyone).

Oh, and did we mention that you get to take home a box of all your sweet creations at the end of the class?  Prepare to pipe and drizzle your way through sugar cookie heaven at Le Dolci’s class!

To reserve your spot in our nostalgic cookie decorating class visit the class schedule or call Icing Sugar Towers at 416-262-3400, spaces are limited so book with us today!

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Spooooooky Cupcakes!

BOO! We know that some of you are already planning out your Halloween costumes, so we thought it would only be appropriate to post a little reminder about our upcoming Halloween themed classes for both yummy Cake Pops and Cupcakes. Our wonderful teacher Cat will be joining us again at the studio on October 29th to teach you how to make some frightful, yet delicious little Halloween treats for you and your friends to enjoy. Expect to get your hands a little dirty when making some fondant ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, black cats and bats to decorate your spoooooky cupcakes!

Classes are filling up quickly! Book online for: