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Fab photo exhibition to Support the Right for Education in Uganda

Fab photo exhibition in Toronto to Support the Right for Education in Uganda

On October 27th, our wonderful friend Karen and her team at the Nzirambi Education Fund will be hosting a photo exhibition at the Pikto Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District. This special event is to show support for the 85 boys and girls at the Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre in Uganda. This special evening will feature a photo exhibition by Brian Pieters who recently visited the center in Uganda.

Education tends to be a given to most children living in North America and we sometimes forget that not all children in the world are as lucky as. Uganda in particular ranks as, “the 19th worst country in the world for child mortality where 188,000 children die every year before their fifth birthday” (Nzirambi Education Fund, 2011).

The Nzirambi Education Fund is doing some fantastic work and has sponsored several youth in their senior levels of school. To date, the education fund has successfully raised over $20,000 towards scholarships for these children. Join us in this very special evening, view some great photographs, partake in a silent auction where 100 percent of funds raised will go towards children at the Development Centre and look out for great prizes, including a few Le Dolci cupcake decorating classes! Even if you aren’t a winner, don’t fret, Le Dolci will be providing tasty cupcakes at the event.

We hope to see you all at the Pikto Gallery on October 27th to show support for those children at the Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre in Uganda. For more information about the photo exhibition and the Nzirambi Education Fund, please visit their blog at or their facebook page

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Marvelous Macarons with Mardi!

Introducing our newest class to the sugar filled line up…Marvelous Macarons with Mardi! Le macaron – mythical French pastry or a sweet treat that you can whip up at home, no special equipment required?  In this class, you will learn the secrets to virtually no-fail macarons using everyday kitchen items.  Astonish your friends with these “look-way-more-difficult-than-they-really-are” mouthfuls of deliciousness.  In this two hour class, we will make two different flavoured and coloured macarons each with its own ganache filling.  The class will be hands on and you will practice the technique of macaronnage (getting the batter just so) and piping perfect macs.

Classes are filling up quickly,book now to reserve your spot in our sweet new Parisian inspired class!

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Sign up for our next Themed class! Don’t forget your tiaras and tails!! Saturday 17th September!

At this introduction to cupcake decorating class, suitable for anyone at any age, participants will work with professional tools to create their own cupcake works of art. At our first annual Toronto International Film Festival Class (TIFF) class there will be tiaras, bow ties, classic films playing in the background and TIFF inspired music. Class participants are encouraged to wear their most glamorous frocks and tails. Participants will work with fondant and professional food colouring to make TIFF related decorations like film reels, tuxedos, champagne flutes and a profile of George Clooney, who is also cordially invited to the class (we hope he can make it!)

After working with fondant, participants will then experiment with our silky smooth buttercream icing. Using the deliciously sinful buttercream they will test out different piping nozzles and colors to make wonderful swirls and whirls to adorn the cupcakes. We see a Cupcake Oscar in sight!

Participants will have a fun time in a relaxing atmosphere, have gained confidence in working with fondant, food colouring, cutters and piping bags and leave with a set of fabulously decorated cupcakes that friends and family will be suitably impressed by! Class time is 2 hours.

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Cupcake Fans!

This year Le Dolci is supporting “The Booty Bash” at Brassaii on August 12th. The Booty Bash is orgnaized by the Don McQuaig Foundation whose goal is to raise funds towards colon cancer research. From events such as “The Booty Bash” and “The Booty Splash”, The Don McQuaig Foundation has raised close to $300,000.00.

So…. on August 12th come out and support Colon Cancer research at the fifth annual Booty Bash, it’ll be a night of dancing and surprises; you might even win a cupcake decorating class at Le Dolci if you’re lucky!

To buy tickets and for more information, check out The Booty Bash site

Hope to see all your booty’s there on August 12th!