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NEW Advanced Cake Decorating Workshops at Le Dolci

Master cake designer Julie Montgomery, former head teacher at Bonnie Gordon College, joins Le Dolci Bake Shop & Culinary Classroom to teach advanced cake decorating and multiple day workshops in cake sculpting and design.

The classes are packed with information and techniques and will be hosted starting this May. Check out some of the fabulous classes now offered in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Unicorn Cake Class – May 13, Jun 4, Jul 15 – This cake has been a huge hit in the city and Julie’s first class is sold out. This class will teach you how to make this magical creature out of cake, coloured buttercream and edible gold.
Latte Cake Fun – May 27 & 28 2 Day Workshop – This gravity defying latte cake class teaches you how to create a wood and steel structure to hold the cake’s waterfall effect of milk pouring into the mug and how to sculpt the adorable creatures peering over the sides.
Sugar Flower Class -June 16 & 17, 2 Day Workshop – In this class students will make roses, calyxes, blossoms, berries and intricately veined leaves out of gumpaste.
Carousel Cake -June 17 & 18, 2 Day Workshop – A colorful carousel filled with intricate details, animals and ornate decor will be taught in this two day class.
Couture Cake Class – students will make a grand cake inspired by their favourite gown in this two day workshop.

Julie Montgomery’s twenty year career has seen her working in the pastry department of the city’s top hotels, restaurants and alongside Chef Mark McEwan where she was executive pastry chef of his top two restaurants Bymark and North 44. The last few year she was the Head Teacher at the now closed Bonnie Gordon College. The college taught students from around the world how to bake and decorate grand, sculpted, gravity defying cakes with sugar flowers crafted by hand that looked so realistic they were too pretty to eat.

Le Dolci, a family owned Bake Shop & Culinary Classroom teaches over 15 different culinary classes that include bread making, croissant, pie & macaron classes. Le Dolci is extremely pleased to have Chef Julie on board. “I have been looking for a teacher to teach this calibre of classes for a few years. Most of the cake designers that do this profession take this job on the road teaching around the world. I am excited that Julie is here with us and going to make our Cake Decorating program top notch. Having Chef Julie on board also fills a gap that the Bonnie Gordon College left behind,” says Lisa Sanguedolce, Owner of Le Dolci.


More information about these classes can be obtained at our website.

Hope to see you soon!


Team Le Dolci

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Advanced Kids Cake Decorating Camp Comes to Le Dolci

Look out Summer Camps! Master Cake Designer Julie Montgomery, former head teacher at Bonnie Gordon College, joins Le Dolci Bake Shop & Culinary Classroom to teach an Advanced Kids Camp this summer from August 21-August 25th. Chef Julie will conduct Toronto’s FIRST & ONLY Advanced Cake Decorating Camp for kids aged 9 – 16. Kids will learn to make unique creations such as a Sculpted Burger & Fries Cake, Minion Cake, Monster Cake & more!

Julie Montgomery’s twenty year career has seen her working in the pastry department of the city’s top hotels, restaurants and alongside Chef Mark McEwan where she was executive pastry chef of his top two restaurants Bymark and North 44. The last few years she was the Head Teacher at the now closed Bonnie Gordon College. The college taught students from around the world how to bake and decorate grand, sculpted, gravity defying cakes with sugar flowers crafted by hand that looked so realistic they were too pretty to eat.

Check out the week’s schedule:

Monday August 21-Friday 25
Full Day Camp – 8.30-3.30pm – All snacks, healthy meals and materials provided.
MONDAY- Burger & Fries Cake with fondant fixings
TUESDAY – Drip-tastic Cake – learn to fill, mask, and decorate your cake with a gorgeous chocolate drip and hand made chocolate decorations
WEDNESDAY – Minion Cake – spend the day making a 3D cake with goggles, eyes, mouth and minion hair
THURSDAY & FRIDAY – This two day session will show the junior campers how to make a monster out of fondant and cake. Kids will start with a monster sketch and make it come to life!

More information about the camp can be obtained by calling us on 416-262-3400 or by by visiting our website.

We cannot wait to host our eager participants at the camp!


Team Le Dolci

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Cinnamon Bun Fun with Chef Lindsey!

Is there anything better than soft and gooey cinnamon buns on a Saturday morning? All that goodness of cinnamon and sugar topped with cream cheese icing is just unbeatable. Now imagine making your own cinnamon buns in a class with the all the aromas that the cinnamon bun Gods are sending through the oven. Add to the mix a great sunny day and life couldn’t be any more perfect!

On a sunny Saturday morning last week, we welcomed a group of lovely ladies to our cinnamon bun class with Chef Lindsey. The charming belles from the Trade and Charm blog graced us with their presence as well. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we would like to mention that this is one of our favourite classes, because it makes the whole store smell like ooey, gooey cinnamon goodness.

At Le Dolci, we make our cinnamon buns with paton dough – the same dough that is used to make croissants. This means that instead of dense, bready buns, ours are light, airy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Chef Lindsey got the ladies right into action by rolling the dough, laminating it, spreading the cinnamon sugar, folding and rolling some more – not necessarily in that order. Let’s just say that the ladies couldn’t be happier about getting their hands dirty!

After the buns were baked, participants got to add the sinful cream cheese icing to them. Did we forget to mention that Chef Lindsey encouraged the ladies to spread dollops of cream cheese icing on the buns? That’s right, we don’t shy away from the good stuff here!

The smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns always brings passersby into the store to get their hands on some – but we don’t sell these! So if you would like to try them, you’ve got to come to class and roll out some dough.

If the thought of impressing your friends at brunch with Toronto’s best cinnamon buns appeals to you, sign up for the next class on May 6 or May 14. We hope to see you at the store rolling in the dough with us.

Team Le Dolci

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Buttercream Flowers Class this Saturday with Chef Lindsey!

Flowers have been an integral part of cake decoration for a very long time now. Be it roses, daisies or chrysanthemums, these beautiful flowers add a special touch to every celebration cake. As a child, I remember watching Cake Boss on television and being awestruck at the speed with which Chefs would pipe buttercream flowers on a cake. These flowers were so precise and beautiful, they just turned a plain Jane cake into a masterpiece.

Fast forward to many years later, and I still wish I could pipe buttercream flowers! There is something about these unique flowers that make them a timeless and classic cake decorating technique.

So you can imagine how excited I am to take the class this Saturday, April 15 with Red Seal Pastry Chef Lindsey. She’s hosting a buttercream flower piping class, where participants will learn the tricks to piping lifelike roses, daisies and chrysanthemums on delicious cupcakes. It will be a fun session of flower making with small bags of buttercream using various piping tips.

Tricky to master but addictive when perfected, this skill will stay with one for many birthdays and celebration cakes to come.

Join me this Saturday morning for the buttercream flowers class, we can create some beautiful and delicious designs together. We also get to take our decorated cupcakes home after the class. I can’t wait to see you then!

Date: Saturday, April 15
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Location: Le Dolci, 1006 Dundas Street West
Cost: $139

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Top Tips For Ordering a Custom Cake

Are you excited about the cakes you see on Instagram? Often times, we have several ideas in mind and think it would be great to see them as cakes. Creating a custom cake with a bakery is simple if you follow a few key rules.

Here’s our TOP 5 Tips for Ordering A Custom Cake:

TIP 1: Give your bakery enough time to let your vision come to life – calling the day before your husband’s 50th birthday and wanting a cake for 100 guests is not the best! We recommend placing the order at least two weeks in advance.

TIP 2: Send images or links of your ideas and include as much detail as possible. The more information you provide, the better the cake will turn out. Date, size of cake, type of cake -fondant or buttercream and anything else that would help in making your idea come to life via cake.

TIP 3: Always include the number of guests the cake needs to serve. Saying you need a cake doesn’t help a bakery quote you if they don’t know the size.

TIP 4: If you’re having a cake delivered make sure someone is home, ask a neighbour to collect for you, or inform your concierge. Many times cakes circle the city unnecessarily so if you know you’re hard to catch at home, pick up the cake yourself.

TIP 5: Specify any food allergies up front. Some places don’t cater to vegan, gluten free or other so ask first. Le Dolci caters to these specific needs with delicious recipes so we can help you!

Our cake design team is committed to crafting the finest and most delicious cakes for your special occasions in Toronto and the GTA.

Let’s chat cake! Order by email phone (416-262-3400) or visit our ONLINE SHOP.

Hugs and all things sweet!
The Le Dolci Team

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Chef Lindsey: The Apple of my Pie

A regular day at Le Dolci Bakery entails a lot of baking, decorating, packaging, preparing for and hosting classes and a lot more. In all the daily hustle and bustle, we seldom find the time to take a break. However, from time to time, we get notes from customers giving kudos to our work and our team.

We recently hosted a group of Elite Yelpers for a mini pie baking class and our very own Red Seal Pastry Chef Lindsay made it a huge success.

During class, Chef Lindsay taught participants to bake the perfect apple pie with a flaky crust and delicious filling. In addition to this, participants were served champagne and cupcakes to add to the enjoyment. Being a self-confessed pastry geek, Chef Lindsay couldn’t resist explaining the science behind making the perfect pie, something that our attendees really enjoyed.

Chef Lindsay is known for her unique and fun teaching style. Trust her to make pie-making a breeze. She makes it a point to demonstrate every step of the process in detail, use analogies that make the recipe less daunting and mix in creativity with science while making everyone laugh.

At the end of the class, we had 12 happy Yelpers who learned to bake a great apple pie. They also left Chef Lindsay some phenomenal reviews on Yelp. We are elated with the response and loved the opportunity to host this class.

For four years now, Chef Lindsay has hosted classes as Le Dolci and we love having her in our team. Her knowledge and expertise are complemented by her positive attitude and enthusiasm towards teaching. Be it staff or students, she is loved and appreciated by all. Go team Lindsey!

She will be conducting a baking bootcamp starting April 11, as well as the Parisian macaron class on on April 13, and we would love to have you participate in these.
See you then!

Oh and read some of the Yelp Reviews here

Xo Team Le Dolci

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Doughnut Class with Chef Shai!

There are some baking classes that are all about the science and precision of baking. These classes are about learning and attaining that perfect bake. And then there are classes that are all about having fun while making delicious treats. If you lean toward the latter, Chef Shai’s doughnut fun class at Le Dolci is the one for you!

In this two hour class, Chef Shai teaches participants to make traditional doughnuts, as well as the fundamentals of creating yeast doughs and batter with a variety of toppings and glazes.

Seeing Chef Shai in action during this class, one can never guess she is more of a savory person. She has great energy and loves to train people, a trait that is clearly visible as she conducts class.

She gives clear and detailed instruction on how to treat the dough, how to roll it, how to spread flour on your work surface as well as how to create uniquely shaped and uniform doughnuts. Be it heart shaped, flower shaped, traditional doughnuts or doughnut holes, Chef Shai has them all covered. Also, during the class you will learn that doughnut holes now have a new name – say hello to “Le Dolci bites”!

The doughnuts are then proofed and fried, after which they can either be dusted with cinnamon sugar or dipped in a beer glaze specially prepared by Chef Shai.

If the science of baking interests you, Chef Shea also provides an explanation and demonstration on making the dough from scratch. She also provides details about the ingredients, the correct mixing techniques, the best brands of ingredients to purchase and where to purchase them from.

At the end of the class, participants get to take home a box of their sweet and delicious creations. The doughnut class is a great birthday gift, a lovely bachelorette idea or a maybe just treat to yourself!

We invite you to join us and have some much deserved fun! The doughnut class will be held next on April 23 (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.), May 13 (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and May 28 (4:30 p.m. to 6: 30 p.m.). You can book the class here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Boot Camp and fun don’t usually go together. We generally associate them with rigorous physical workouts that leave our bodies screaming for help! We promise you, though, we have a very fun version of the boot camp here at LeDolci. And it begins on April 11. Come join us for our BAKING BOOTCAMP! Taught by our superstar Red Seal Pastry Chef Lindsey, some of you may have taken her classes before and you know that her classes are filled with fun and education all wrapped into one.

From April 11 until May 2, join us every Tuesday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. to learn a unique baking skill.

We will begin week one with Baking Essentials 101. Here, we will learn to bake cookies and cakes and discuss some fundamentals of baking.

Following this will be quick breads and savory baking in week two. You can create your own high tea, because we are going to bake scones, muffins, quiche and savory pies.

Week three will introduce us to dough lamination, and we learn about puff pastry as well as baking delicious croissants, danishes and cinnamon buns.

In the final week, we will master the intimidating world of breads and yeast. We are going to conquer brioche, focaccia and braided challah.

The total fee for the camp is $375, which includes four lessons, all food costs and delicious results to take home. No tools or equipment are required. If you constantly ogle at the scrumptious bakes on the Great British Bake Off, this is your chance to actually create them! Come join us for four weeks of fun and some solid baking action. We hope to see you then!