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6-week Baking Course at Le Dolci
6-week Baking Course at Le Dolci
6-week Baking Course at Le Dolci
6-week Baking Course at Le Dolci
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Le Dolci Bakery & Culinary Classroom's CAKES AND BUTTERCREAM COURSE is here!

Join us for six weeks of self guided fun with weekly Zoom sessions with our Pastry Chef. All you need is a laptop and your culinary creativity. Well, maybe a whisk, some flour and eggs and more :) 


  • Self guided means, Start the course whenever you like.
  • Bake with Us: Go through the 6 weeks of guided sessions at your leisure. Each session should take you 2-3 hours. 
  • Do your homework: each week you will have to submit to the Chef Instructor for marking and feedback.  
  • Connect with your peers and teacher weekly: Each week there is a live Zoom session for you to discuss your homework and the week's activities with your teacher and your community of other students. 
  • Get Certified: At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion by Le Dolci Bakery & Culinary Classroom.
  • Join our Cake Loving Community! Meet and greet with like minded cake lovers, people passionate about baking and decorating and creating in the kitchen. 


Welcome to Le Dolci's Cake and Buttercream Course

    • Introduction to the Course
    • Welcome to the Course and Live Q&A

Week 1: Vanilla Cake, Not One but Two Delicious Ways!

    • Lesson [1.1]: Tools and Scaling
    • Lesson [1.2]: Butter vs Oil Theory
    • Lesson [1.3]: Vanilla Butter Cake
    • Lesson [1.4]: Baking Instructions and Oven Temperatures
    • Lesson [1.5]: Vanilla Oil Cake
    • Lesson [1.6]: Gluten
    • You Completed Week 1!
    • Poll: Your Des(s)ert Island Cake
    • Assignment 1A: Vanilla Butter Cake
    • Assignment 1B: Vanilla Oil Cake
    • Week 1: Live Q&A

Week 2: Chocolate & Red Velvet Cake - Chocolate and Acid?

    • Lesson [2.1]: Chocolate and Red Velvet Cakes - Acid/Alkaline
    • Lesson [2.2] Le Dolci's Signature Chocolate Cake
    • Lesson [2.3] Le Dolci's Signature Red Velvet Cake
    • Assignment 2A: Le Dolci's Signature Chocolate Cake
    • Assignment 2B: Le Dolci's Signature Red Velvet Cake
    • Week 2: Live Q&A

Week 3: Glorious Sponge Cakes!

    • Lesson [3.1] Sponge Cakes - It's All in the Egg
    • Lesson [3.2] Classic Genoise Cake
    • Lesson [3.3] Separating Eggs
    • Lesson [3.4] Traditional Sponge Cake
    • Assignment 3A: Genoise Cake
    • Assignment 3B: Traditional Sponge Cake
    • Week 3: Live Q&A

Week 4: The Icing on the Cake

    • Lesson [4.1]The Wonderful World of Buttercream
    • Lesson [4.2] American Buttercream
    • Lesson [4.3] The Smoothest Swiss Meringue Buttercream
    • Lesson [4.4] Buttercream Troubleshooting
    • Lesson [4.5] Simple Syrup or Soaks
    • Assignment 4A: American Buttercream
    • Assignment 4B: Swiss Meringue Buttercream
    • Poll: Which is the B(e)ttercream?
    • Week 4: Live Q&A

Week 5: It's a Naked Cake!

    • Lesson [5.1] Naked Cake?!
    • Lesson [5.2] Prepping Your Cake Layers
    • Lesson [5.3] How to Stack a Cake
    • Lesson [5.4] Creating a Naked Cake and Crisp Buttercream Corners
    • Lesson [5.5] How to Make Chocolate Ganache
    • Lesson [5.6] It's Time to Chocolate Drip!
    • Lesson [5.7] Clean Up the Cake Board!
    • Assignment 5A: Naked Cake
    • Week 5: Live Q&A

Week 6: Masking, Cake Combs and Simple Buttercream Finishes

    • Lesson [6.1] It's Time to Mask!
    • Lesson [6.2] Crumb Coat and Chill
    • Lesson [6.3] How to Mask a Cake
    • Lesson [6.4] Buttercream Colours and the Ombre Effect
    • Lesson [6.5] Simple Buttercream Textures with a Spatula
    • Lesson [6.6] Comb your Cake?!
    • Assignment 6: Textured Buttercream Finishes
    • Week 6: Live Q&A

Congratulations!!! You've Completed Le Dolci's Cake and Buttercream Course! You will have continue to have access to your progress and all of your online videos for the next 30 days.  We recommend you download the course Theory Binder and course Recipe Binder to be able to review the material at any time.