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Saturdays At Le Dolci!

Saturdays!Saturdays are one of our busiest days here at Le Dolci. From the abundance of custom cake orders being pick-up to our fabulous Saturday classes; they tend to be hectic, but very rewarding! 
The day starts by opening the studio and the shop. We have to make sure all the treats are ready and class is set up! Once this is done the day and all it’s events are ready to commence.
Next comes our classes. Saturdays are usually filled with Intro to Cupcake Decorating classes, Macaron classes, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties! This is the part of the day that is the most rewarding. If we can make someone’s day in the 2 hours that they spend in our studio, our job has been done. Teaching them a new skill or encouraging them to take silly pictures from the costume box (provided at parties) is always a good time!
The classes always have a fun positive atmosphere and tons of snacking.  Classes are what really make Saturdays here special. What better way to spend your Saturday then taking a class and bringing a box full of treats home!! 
Throughout the day we have beautiful custom order leaving the shop. We love creating cakes for our customers and seeing a smile on their face once they receive their cake!
At the end of the day when all the cakes are delivered, classes are over, and the shop is closed, we know we have done our job right if everyone is satisfied and has left with a smile on their face!!
 Come stop by next Saturday and experience it for yourself!
xo Patricia (Saturday staff!)