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Holiday Cookie Baking Extravaganza

Make this year’s holidays extra-special by giving the gift of homemade holiday cookies.

Take our Holiday Cookie Baking Extravaganza and learn four  kinds of cookie baking techniques. At the end of the class, take your cookies home or to the office party.
Don’t forget to leave some out with milk for Santa!

  • Candy cane cookies –Learn the drop cookie technique when you make these delectable desserts. Cover them in mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips for a truly unforgettable candy cane cookie!
  • Coconut macaroons with chocolate tops – Impress your friends with “easier to make than it looks” chocolate-dipped macaroons.
  • Shortbread – learn how to make an egg-free crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread that will rival Grandma’s.
  • Vanilla thumbprints – Fill your delicious shortbread cookies with jam, lemon curd or caramels.
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Your Holidays begin with Le Dolci!

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This season sweeten things up with us!

Call our special events team to book your holiday celebration or a team building event (our gingerbread challenge is a hit!), rent our downtown space for your special occasion, send out sweet boxes of shortbread or macarons to your clients, learn to make a Buche Noel or book your kids in our gingerbread decorating workshop.

Call us today at 416-262-3400!


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Week 1: Introduction & Traditional American Sugar Cookies and Decorations

During the first week of bootcamp students get to know Chef Stephanie, learn their way around our kitchen and meet fellow baking bootcampers. She shows students how to make traditional American Sugar Cookies.

  • Find out the secrets to dough and learn how to bake, make icing for and decorate perfect sugar cookies
  • Learn different ideas for flooding and unique decorating ideas

Week 2: Mastering French Tarts and Pies

Week two of baking bootcamp begins! Our students will be hard at work learning the tricks of the trade to making classic French tarts and pies.

  • Lessons in dough-making and creating a mouth-puckering lemon curd & other delicious pastry creams
  • Stephanie guides students through filling the pie shells and finally baking their tarts

Students will not likely require instruction on how to enjoy these perfect little tarts! Let’s see who makes it out of the studio without sampling their creations.

Week 3: Making and plating the perfect Chocolate Soufflé

Baking bootcamp has students whipping up the perfect chocolate soufflé during week three. Chef Stephanie teaches students how to make this impressive dessert from start to finish.

  • Learn how to make the batter and how to bake a perfect soufflé
  • Create a delicious vanilla crème anglais to top your fluffy dessert

The only thing left to do at the end of class is enjoy!

Week 4: Mastering French Eclairs, Profiteroles & Cream puffs

This must be the only bootcamp where eating eclairs is encouraged! Week four is all about choux. Choux pastry, also known as pâte à choux, is an airy pastry used for making eclairs, cream puffs, profiteroles and more.

  • Learn the secrets of preparing the smooth batter required for this delicate dough
  • Become a master in piping the hollow puffs with homemade pastry cream

Week 5: Mastering Crème Caramel and Marshmallows – Working with sugar

Bootcampers will be walking on clouds during week five – fluffy marshmallow clouds that is.

  • Learn how to use different flavors and colours to make perfect fluffy marshmallows
  • Work with gelatin and learn how to cut, coat and present your creations

Stephanie will also share the secrets to making baked custard. Students prep and bake a deliciously creamy crème caramel!

Week 6: The secret to braiding and making perfect bread rolls and loaves

Last week of Baking Bootcamp! Before they go, students have one last class during which Chef Stephanie teaches students how to make the perfect bread rolls and loaves.

  • Learn proper kneading, rolling and snipping skills
  • Get experience making focaccia, bread rolls and scissor loaves

After six weeks, you’ll leave our bootcamp in the best baking shape of your life!

Book here:

Limited spaces!

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Come join us at Casa Loma for medieval cookie decorating on Sunday September 15! Your little knights and princesses will have a ball decorating a magical cookie castle and a cookie shield adorned with their very own coat of arms.

Le Dolci chefs will be on hand to teach your little ones how to use royal icing, how to pipe dams, flood and how to get creative with sprinkles and candy. Of course, all participants get to take home their tasty creations at the end of the afternoon.

After this sweet and fun activity, be sure to meet the real live knights visiting the castle the same day!

Class time: 12:30 pm – 1:30pm

Ticket Prices (admission to Casa Loma & tax included):

  • $20.00 Children 13 and under
  • $23.00 Youth 14 – 17/Seniors
  • $29.00 Adults

Tickets available here. Space is limited – sign up soon!  For more information contact Casa Loma at 647-722-1822.

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Things We Love: Find our treats at Casa Loma!

princess_knight_castle_cookiesHave you visited Casa Loma? Located in downtown Toronto, this castle has a majestic history of almost a century! We love exploring the castle and its beautiful gardens.

If you’re ever at Casa Loma, be sure to stop by the gift shop! Our sugar cookies are now sold there. Be sure to grab one of our treats and pay the castle a visit!

Look out for more news on our summer kids’ programs that will be happening at the castle this year!



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“At the Beach” Cookie Decorating!

Sun, surf & sand! On June 17th come and join Le Dolci for some cookie decorating fun with Samantha from Flour Fancies. We have created a specialty cookie decorating class just in time for the summer weather where you will learn how to professionally decorate “beach, summer fun” themed cookies. From bikinis to flip flops and cute ocean critters, you will learn how to create the most adorable summer cookies to share at your next cottage picnic.

In this class, you will learn to decorate cookies using basic techniques, such as piping and flooding with royal icing and fondant. Students will leave with all cookies that they decorate!

To book this class, please visit our class schedule page 

Hope to see you this June!

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Mummy/Daddy & Me Cupcake Decorating

Our Mummy/Daddy and Me classes are for parents looking for something creative and fun to do with their little ones. The first part of the class is working with colouring fondant and using it to create lots of fun kids’ shapes like elephants, giraffes, butterflies, and more. The second half of the class allows kids to try piping vanilla buttercream icing onto their cupcakes using a variety of tips.

This is definitely a great opportunity for mommies or daddies and their child to spend some quality time together, having fun, and letting their creativity shine through! At the end of the class, everyone gets to leave with 6 decorated cupcakes ready to be enjoyed!

Class Time – 1 hour

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How to make Cake Pops

Cake Pops basics for those who want to know how to get their much loved cake on a stick. Cake pops are moist balls of cake, dipped in hard candy coating; enjoyed by everyone on the beloved lollipop stick. Sounds easy, but they are a bit tricky!
Learn the tricks of the trade here with our cake pops expert!

Class Time – 2 hours