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Our first Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market Class

We had our first ever market class with Chef Christophe Tuesday evening. We started out at the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market across the road, choose local, organic ingredients, then headed back to the studio to make a gourmet 3 course meal.

Read below for the menu or join us for this class once a month until the market ends.

  • Tuesday July 8
  • Tuesday July 29
  • Tuesday Aug 19
  • Tuesday Sept. 23

Menu: Appetizer: Monteforte ash rinded water buffalo milk cheese atop St. John’s sourdough bread and garnished with baby kale. Main course: filet of Trout, garnished with thyme & lovage. The main course was accompanied by foraged potatoes, shitake mushrooms with fresh ramps and a fresh Ontario asparagus dish featuring a hollandaise sauce, St. John’s rye bread croutons & soft boiled eggs. Finally, our delicious dessert was a beautiful almond dacquoise with a Meyer lemon icing. YUM!

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