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We’re having a sale!

From now until September 30, book any Le Dolci class and get 15% off. Call 416-262-3400 to book this offer. Visit our class schedule page to find the right date that works for you and bring a friend!

In the next few months we have some great classes for you to try, including:

MASTERING CHOCOLATE SOUFFLES – learn to make this fluffy chocolate dessert and master the technique for a deliciously chocolate centre.

CROQUEMBUCHE -learn to make this French classic cream puff tower and try your hand at spun sugar. Each student brings home their own tower.

BREAD CLASS WITH CHEF JON – learn how to make various breads and learn a basic bread dough recipe that will make you never want to buy sliced bread again.

MARKET CLASS WITH CHEF CHRISTOPHE – in this fun and fast paced class we visit our local farmers market across the road, pick up our groceries and come back and make a 3 course meal in teams. After we’re done, we enjoy our meal as a group.

MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY DESSERTS – learn about spherification, powdering, how to create air foams and gelification techniques for your desserts! Have you heard of Heston Blumenthal?

THANKSGIVING PUMPKIN PIE – we make a beautiful pumpkin pie that you take home and can serve at your family gathering.

DOUGHNUT CLASS – come hungry as not only do we make a lot of delicious doughnuts we do a LOT of taste testing in class too!

CAKE DECORATING & DESIGN -a delightful introduction class that shows you all the basics of designing and decorating your own cake.

HOLIDAY COOKIE & CANDY CLASSES – bake up a storm and package your treats to bring to your grandma this Christmas. Guests will leave with several types of cookies and candy ready to package beautifully & put under the tree.

AND MORE: croissant, intro to cupcake decorating, gingerbread decorating, eclairs and more…

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