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Things We Love: Earth Hour

This coming Saturday, March 23rd at 8.30pm to 9.30pm, join us in celebrating the Earth Hour. We will turn off our display window lights, cellphones and social media accounts and we’ll be at home with friends and family by candle light.

Our mission to support and save the environment, doesn’t end that night. All year round we have our own simple ways to fight for a good cause. We use several environmental friendly and recyclable products (vinegar works wonders in cleaning), we send digital invoices & receipts, and we communicate our classes and events through emails, e-newsletter and social media. We try to save energy, by hand washing our dishes, keeping the lights off in the main studio during the day and other small things to help the environment – we also donate all of our extra treats to local charities.

Enjoy Earth Day! Take a simple step today, be green go paperless.

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