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Things we love: Cupcake Knitted Hats

We love to discover all things cupcakes here at Le Dolci, and Etsy is one of our favourite websites in finding gorgeous and unique products. We stumbled upon Martha Johnson’s shop featuring knitted hats and she has several knitted cupcake hats for children! WE LUV!

These hats are way too cute to not share with our Le Dolci friends. Even though it’s summer here in Canada, that doesn’t mean these cupcake hats are out of the question! Dress your toddlers up with these pretty hats for a photo shoot or simply to look even more adorable than they already are.

Besides cupcakes as a theme, Martha also does several other patterns. Flowers, fishes, and stripes can all be found at her etsy store.

For more details on her beautiful hand-made creations, visit her shop at

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Things We Love: Cupcake Jewelry!

We love surfing the web for the latest trends in cupcakes and cake decorating using our favourite trend website: Today we stubbled across fab cupcake jewelry trends and found this particular “Who Ate My Cupcakes” necklace made by Shimrita! Small and sweet, this lovely little necklace has everything you’ll need – an adorable golden cupcake pan, with matching measuring spoons, piping bag and pink mixer! The “Who Ate My Cupcakes” necklace is available on – It’s so cute we’re thinking of getting one for each of our lovely Le Dolci Ladies!

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Things We Love – Etsy and “Sweet” Baubles and Jewelry!

Not only do we love eating sweets (it’s kind of a given working in a cupcake studio!), but we also love everything that has to do with sweet treats including beautiful and adorable jewelery!  Who can resist cupcake earrings and charm bracelets, ice cream cone necklaces, and gingerbread man earrings?  Even if you can’t get around to eating the real thing, these accessories will fill the sugary void for the time being.  Many of these gorgeous baubles were purchased from talented artisans and crafters on Etsy, an online emporium of lovingly made handmade garments, accessories, stationery, and home decor.  Etsy is an amazing place to browse and shop and it’s wonderful knowing you’re supporting independent businesses when you purchase something from there.  Here at Le Dolci we truly appreciate beautiful craftsmanship because we know the love and artistry that goes into making pretty things, like our cupcakes!  Have a sweet day and try your best not to drool over these delectable desserts!