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Le Dolci’s REALLY Big, Super Yummy Olympic Cake

Canada Flag Cake

While our Canadian athletes were going for gold in Sochi, Team Le Dolci was busy making a cake of absolute Olympic proportions here on Dundas West. We created our LARGEST cake order to date, a life-sized Canada Flag cake for a special Olympic celebration at Fairview Mall.


What goes into an eight foot by four foot cake? We asked Chef Sharon here’s what she said:

  • Eggs: we don’t actually know. A lot. Like… 450?
  • Flour:  60 cups
  • Butter: 80 pounds

Our bakers and designers spent an entire day baking the fourteen sheet cakes needed to make such an epic dessert.  Our head designer, Annie and the rest of the design team spent nearly nine hours assembling and icing the cake. It took 14 buckets of our deliciously smooth swiss meringue buttercream!


While there wasn’t a gold medal for the effort, watching these happy fans enjoy the final product made it totally worth it!


A fan enjoying Le Dolci's Olympic Cake