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Foodie News: Loblaws removes artificial colours and flavours from President’s Choice

We came across an article on The Globe and Mail mentioning Loblaws’ decision to remove artificial colours and flavours from their President’s Choice line of products. We were very pleased indeed!

The public has become more concerned about the use of artificial colours and flavours, and Loblaws believes addressing this concern is the right thing to do. Consumers are now more educated about the health-related issues due to recent studies that link hyperactivity, cancer, etc. to the consumption of artificial colours/flavours.

According to the article, “by the end of this year, all artificial colours in the PC line (which includes Blue Menu, Organics and Green branded products) will be removed; by the end of 2013, all artificial flavours will be removed.”

All this is good news for Canadians and the general public as it’s a sign that we’re moving toward the right direction. At Le Dolci, we also support the use of natural ingredients where no artificial flavours or colours are added to our baked goods (our icing is the only thing we use a teeny bit of color for but we’re working on that too!).

With these initiatives in place, people can make healthier food choices & realize the benefits of real food!

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K Club – Cooking Club…Pasta!

Le Dolci had the pleasure of teaching two fine men the art of making fresh homemade pasta in the studio this past November. It might be safe to say that most of us who want to learn the art of pasta making, think it may be too hard! In truth, pasta making is actually one of the least complicated food items you could make; unlike baking which requires an almost scientific approach to the recipe at hand.

The cooking club was broken down into a two hour session and our amateur pasta makers were given instructions on how to create stuffed ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese as well as classic linguine. Using our simple recipe, they were taught how to properly create the perfect pasta dough then use a pasta machine to pull out the stringy linguine and fill and form delicate ravioli pillows.

After a fun class full of laughs, we sat down to sample the pasta creations – it turns out our two chefs in training are actually pretty good pasta makers! The chefs in training left with some pasta making tips and a package of fresh hand-made pasta to bring home to the family. Don’s wife even commented, ‘Well this isn’t that bad!’ Result!

Check out all the pasta making fun on our facebook page and join us on our next pasta making class at the end of February; it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends, family or even that special date.