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Things we love: Dolfin Gourmet Chocolate Squares

Dolfin’s Gourmet Squares

Dolfin is an exquisite chocolate brand from Belgium, and their quality is exceptional. Dolfin is available at Pusateri’s, Chocolate Addict and Home Sense, but we got this specific one from Home Sense.

Here’s a breakdown of what we thought!

. very small & thin, so we finished them all in one go!
. Earl Grey – dark chocolate, peppery, aromatic, toasty, and crunchy
. Citron – dark chocolate & candied lemon peels. Not tangy and strong, but more like an undertone of the citrus fruit
. Lait – milk chocolate. Definitely not the “kiddy” type as it was smooth and not sweet
. Lait Nougatine – milk chocolate & almonds. A bit sweet, crunchy and nutty
. Noir 70% – 70% dark chocolate. Smooth and slightly bitter
. Noir 88% – the right amount of bitterness and very “adult-like”

If you’re a chocolate fanatic and enjoy different types, then perhaps you’ll enjoy these!