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Le Dolci Treats Through Ethan’s Eyes (And Stomach)

Hello again, Ethan’s back!
So, my last blog post was solely about Le Dolci classes, but in this post I want to expand more on the amazing treats I’ve tasted (the best days are the ones that have meringue-buttercream in them), the neighbourhood, and just a lil’ bit more about some classes I’ve seen.
The treats. Oh my goodness. Everything ranging from the macarons, to the cookies, to the cupcakes, are all amazing. Seriously. I take a bite of any of the above and I swear I can hear holy choirs (having grown up in a foodie family, you can be rest assured that I know what I’m talking about). The cupcakes are made with an icing that is just, so buttery soft (like, I’m drooling). Okay. Breathe.
What I find really cool is that all of the baked goods that are presented in the little shop are all made here. I think that’s interesting because I’ve been to a lot of bakeries and a good third of their produce is from another bakery (not that there is anything against that), so I was surprised when I found out that the honeycomb toffee, the caramels, the popcorn are made by careful hands in the bakery. Again, there’s a little home in every bite (not literally).
The neighbourhood! It’s right across from Trinity Bellwoods. I mean, do I really have to go on? I’m kidding (not really). The neighbourhood is absolutely lovely, and we frequently get customers who are from the area – families, couples, fiancés and fiancées. Not to mention that there are so many dogs in this neighbourhood and they are all adorable. When I’m at the cash looking out I always see, on average, three dogs sniffing the grass of the park across the stress. **Sidenote: there’s this leonberger that comes in once in a while and he is just precious.** Funnily enough, some people walk in annoyed only because they have “just found this place and they live just up the street!” Needless to say, they leave with a treat or two in hand.
By now I’ve seen a couple classes happen. The latest one I’ve seen was the Decorating Cake Class. The teacher/pastry chef, Lindsey, instructed her students as they gently folded fondant on top of their crumb-coated cakes. The results were really impressive for students who had never worked with fondant before. They each made bunnies and little flowers in celebration of the past Easter weekend. They concentrated for about two hours, and wore smiles of satisfaction when their little masterpieces were finished – even better, they got to take their cakes home! (You go, Lindsey!)
Right now, I’m sitting at one of the tables finishing up this post. A black cake embellished with bright fondant flowers is staring back at me, the shop – closed – is quiet, the refrigerators are humming, keeping the icing cold, and the cakes in the shop sit patiently for their owners. No wonder why I look so forward to coming back here every weekend!
Make sure to book a foodie class or order a tasty treat!
See you all, and have a sweet and lovely week.

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It’s That Time of Year Again…


If you are looking for a different and fun way to ask that special someone to prom, we can help make that magical moment come to life. From cupcakes to macarons to cakes, the options are endless.

Give us a call at 416-262-3400 or e-mail to place your order.



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Foodie Classes Through Ethan’s Eyes

Hey everyone! It’s Ethan here.
For those of you who do not recognize me, that’s okay: I am a part of the weekend staff here at Le Dolci, and I started mid-February, so I’m still a baby here. Since then, I have had the best time working here – the baked goods are lovely, and the staff are lovelier. When I first walked into Le Dolci on my first day, I immediately felt comfortable; the cute sweets, warm décor, and welcoming staff made what is normally a nerve-bundled first day, into a warming experience.
One thing stood out to me in this shop, and that was the long chalkboard with the many classes advertised on it. I don’t know any other bakeries in Toronto – or the GTA for that matter – that offer such classes. I actually had the pleasure of participating in one of the bread making classes on my second day of work! It was really fascinating, and the class brought a homey feel to the bakery – it’s not just a place to bake yummy things, but you actually get a chance to learn for to bake them for yourself too, and I thought there was something special in that.
The class turned out to be really fun and, by the end of it, everyone could make their own focaccia, no problem! From what I could see (throughout my now 8 weeks working here), this kind of “leveling up” in baking happened with all students in all classes. People would come in not even knowing how to pronounce “macarons” (I still struggle with that sometimes…we all do) and after taking one class with Le Dolci’s talented pastry chefs, would leave with a box of those same cookies they made themselves.
Overall, these classes bake up something warm in the west end. The pastry chefs made their students smile easily, laugh loudly, and, probably most importantly, bake wonderfully.
Book your spot in one of our foodie classes to be part of an amazing experience!

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We are super excited to announce a new class – Food Porn: Photography & Styling with Brilynn Ferguson. Students will style and stage photographs with Le Dolci treats and there will be a food stylist, Michelle Rabin, present.

Michelle Rabin is one of those lucky people that wakes up and does not believe she gets paid to do what she does. She has married her two passions: Cooking and art. What does that make her? A food stylist, of course. Michelle comes from a culinary background and has worked in some of the best restaurants in both Toronto and New York. She now works as a full time food stylist and recipe developer. Her work can be seen on the hit TV show Masterchef Canada, on Canada AM, in Chatelaine Magazine and if you’re lucky enough to be invited to her house… on her kitchen table. When she is not in the kitchen Michelle can be found in her ceramics studio or in her garden.

Get to know Brilynn Ferguson.

Class Dates:
Sunday, May 31st – 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday, June 27th – 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, July 25th – 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Cost  $129 for 3 hours, everyone is encouraged to bring their DSLRs to learn from the pros.

Call 416-262-3400 or e-mail to reserve your spot in Food Porn: Photography & Styling. Book now!


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Vintage Meets Glam Wedding Inspiration by Belle The Magazine

Nothing can be more symbolic of regality than royal blue sequined linens, navy colored cakes, and fabulous vintage china. If royalty is what you are going for, then this wedding inspired photo shoot most definitely needs to go in your notes and all over your Pinterest boards! We are super proud to have been part of this amazing styled shoot – view a few of the snaps below and get further wedding inspirations on Belle the Magazine.


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March 15th #SelfCareSunday

This past Sunday, the #SelfCareSunday event hosted by Fat Girl Food Squad & P.S. You’re Beautiful was a fabulous success! The afternoon was spent with beautiful ladies making chocolate truffles, getting chair massages from Epione Massage Therapy and hair touch-ups by Small Talk Barber Shop and Salon, drinking Fresita mimosas and spritzers, and more!
All attendees left with a gift bag including a self-care guidance booklet and more. Thank you to all the amazing and inspiring ladies who came out to this event. 
Fat Girl Food Squad aims to provide a safe, positive space for all bodies, while showcasing those who label and identify themselves as fat and endeavouring to breakdown the stereotypes and barriers that surround such a controversial three letter word.
P.S. You’re Beautiful is a community of strong women with loud voices who have something to share, from beauty and body image to pop culture commentary and everything in between.
Check out a few of the snaps from #SelfCareSunday by Geeky Girl Photography.


















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The Rainbow Plate & Le Dolci Collaborate for Nutrition Month

Rainbow Plate is coming to Le Dolci for children’s workshops – exposing children to fresh, real food in a relaxed and interactive setting. Read below about Nutrition Month, and contact us to book your child’s birthday party with Rainbow Plate and us.
This March, as Dietitians of Canada launches its annual Nutrition Month, food education program Rainbow Plate kicks its growth plan into high gear. With Statistics Canada reporting that 31% of Canadian children are overweight or obese, the timing is critical. The subsequent health risks and healthcare costs arising from poor eating habits during childhood and adolescence underscore the need to counteract the problem with nutrition education.
Throughout the month of March, Rainbow Plate will be sharing its food and nutrition expertise and serving up hands on programming to kids and adults to combat negative interactions around food at home or at school.
The Rainbow Plate’s top tips to create positive interactions around food:
• Make food an adventure with your family. Discover the fun and fascinating side of food. Encourage your child to use their senses to explore and describe colours, textures and tastes.
• Eat together with your child as often as you can. Make the goal to create relaxed and pleasant mealtimes.
• Play the long game – children need to learn to like new foods. Did you know that the average child needs 15 tries before they will like something new?
• Bring your kids shopping. Try to involve them in meal and snack preparation, and they’ll be more likely to eat what they’ve prepared.
Visit Rainbow Plate and learn more on how you can inspire your child to embrace real food.

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Chef Rouge Is Pleased to Host Another Evening of Chocolate & Wine!

Chef Rouge Toronto, Loka Snacks, Chef Dave Mottershall, Toronto Restaurants, top Toronto chefs, cooking classes Toronto

Due to popular demand, we’ve added another date for the Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dinner!


On Friday, February 13th and Saturday, February 14th, award winning & lovingly tattooed Chef Dave Mottershall of Loka will be hosting a 5 course meal with chocolate inspiration for each course.


Teaser: The main course is a roast duck breast with coco nibs a dark chocolate jus & smoked fingerlings. $160 per couple including wine & honey cocktails from Rosewood Winery.


Read the full menu here and call 416-262-3400 to book your Friday spot!