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Things We Love: Bumpercrop Jam on our strawberry cupcakes

Here at Le Dolci, we love supporting local businesses and we try and use locally-made products in our shop as much as possible. We avidly support female entrepreneurs and Ontario businesses. We like to support our friends and family in the food business; we’re a small, strong community and we need to stick together to show the rest of the world what we have to offer!

We love Bumpercrop – a Toronto-based artisan co-operative that makes jam sourced from Ontario farmers they know personally. We’re proud to sell Bumpercrop Tuscan Strawberry jam and Sweet Vanilla rhubarb in our shop and use Bumpercrop’s strawberry jam to make our strawberry cupcakes! There is even a little strawberry drizzle on top from the jam lovingly made by Joanna, Lisa and their team.

Stop by the shop and try one today!