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Things We Love: Food Revolution Day!

Passionate about real food?

On May 19th, join global ambassadors as they help people learn how to make small changes in their food choices on an everyday basis. These choices will ultimately help to improve their lives as well as their families. It all comes back down to the basics; we must remember to think about where our food comes from and how it can be prepared using better cooking methods. Food Revolution Day will teach those who are passionate about food and those looking to make changes in their lives, the skills needed to make better food choices.

Le Dolci has always been passionate about food and we support the use of all-natural ingredients with no additives nor preservatives. We always bake from scratch so that we know exactly what  goes into our cakes and cupcakes.

Our marvelous macaron teacher, Mardi Michels, is a Food Revolution Ambassador for Toronto. She will be hosting a special Petits Chefs class to educate and inspire others about Food Revolution Day and to support real food. She has invited the Petits Chefs’ families into the school one night in the week leading up to the Day, where a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution recipe will be used. The fun part is that the boys will be teaching their parents and siblings instead! Once cooking is done, everyone will be sitting down together for the meal, which is another important focus in the Food Revolution. To find out more about Mardi’s contribution to Food Revolution Day, check out her article here!

So along with the Jamie Oliver Foundation, Le Dolci, Mardi, and the thousands of people around the world, will you be participating in Food Revolution Day?

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