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Michelangelo’s Supper; An evening of fantastic food, wine and conversation

Join us for an evening of delicious Italian cuisine, inspired by Michelangelo’s 16th century shopping list.  

Date:  Friday September 12, 2104  – 7pm
Location:  Le Dolci,  Toronto’s Foodie Studio

When the great Michelangelo Buonarroti sent his assistants to the market…he sent them with an illustrated list for those who were illiterate.  His quickly sketched notes show that he was truly a master of his craft. Michelangelo’s list is typical of the times…and includes requests such as “pani dua” (two loaves of bread), “un aria” (a herring), and of course “un bocal di vino” (a quart of wine).  Meat would have been a luxury reserved for special occasions.  Using this wonderful list as an inspiration and a little anachronistic license, we will prepare a sumptuous 4 course meal, that will be an unforgettable feast.

On the menu:

  • Classic Panzanella salad with heirloom tomatoes and basil oil.

Bread was and still is a staple in Italy and is the backbone to this wonderful fall salad. Using seasonal Ontario tomatoes and fresh basil, this salad is typically Tuscan in all the best ways.

  • Homemade Ravioli stuffed with Roasted Fennel and Sheep’s milk Ricotta

Fennel soup features prominently on the shopping list. We use this has a jumping off point for homemade ravioli stuffed with roasted fennel and piquant sheep’s milk ricotta.

  • Traditional Porchetta

The quintessential Italian pork dish.  The Porchetta uses belly and loin roasted slowly with rosemary, fennel, sage and garlic. This traditional roast pork dish is fit for the House of Medici.

  • Honey Semi-freddo with Pignoli brittle

Organic cream, eggs and Italian honey…combined you get a beautiful honey semifreddo.  The creamy semi-freddo is complemented with a crunchy pine nut brittle.

  • Formaggi

Casciotta of Urbino  is a beautiful soft cheese made from sheep and goat’s milk.  Michelangelo was such a fan he bought several pastures in the municipality of Urbania in order to always have a supply.  Served with figs…this is a perfect way to end this Italian meal.

 Red and white wines will accompany each course.