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Paris Love: Marvelous Macaron Day in the city of lights

The day began with a macaron tour of Paris, hosted by the macaron maven herself Madame Mardi Michels from EatLiveTravelWrite.

We walked around the Saint Germain des Pres and visited the most delicious macaron houses. Each place was superb and the leaders of these macaron boutiques are renowned for their craft, wining awards in Paris and abroad for their artistry in pastry and for making the tastiest macarons with the most diverse set of flavours.

After sampling macaron in a lovely square with fountains serenading us in the background and under the hot Parisian sun, we headed for shelter at our host school La Cuisine Paris, where the group learned to make their own macarons.

The afternoon was full of ganache and laughter and the participants made the most beautiful macarons, with feet!

It was a sweet day indeed and we look forward to eating our macarons for the next few days, we wish we could share them over this blog with our fans around the world!

Love from Paris!

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Paris Love: Day 3 – The Louvre, Tour De France, more Macarons and Escargots!

Greetings from a sunny Paris – the sun seems to have graced us with its presence and it seems like it will stay with us all week!

Today was another day spent exploring; tomorrow we get our hands dirty in the kitchen at La Cuisine Paris so we are very excited! And we get to meet the whole group tomorrow morning!

Today we had fun at:

  • The Louvre -if you get there EARLY (like 9am!)  you can see the Mona Lisa without the throngs of people in front of you
  • The end of the Tour de France! Hooray for Bradley Wiggins!!
  • We ate some garlic laden escargots -delish! You must visit restaurant Vins Des Pyrenees when you are in Paris
  • Visited the largest synagogue in Paris and got a private tour-which was a nice surprise.
  • Drank red vino (that’s a daily given!) and drank lots more coffee paired with more croissants-we can’t control our selves.

Bonne Nuit from Paris!