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Things We Love: Ottolenghi – London, UK

Freshly back from some foodie research in London, England we stumbled upon our favourite little place!

Ottolenghi is, undoubtedly a gastronomic sensation capable of providing an unforgettable dining experience for their customers. Based in London with four outlets consisting of a full restaurant and cafes for quick grab-and-go items, Ottolenghi is being talked about worldwide. Their food is described as bold, vibrant, and surprising – food that is uncomplicated yet creative at the same time. Many dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean, resulting in daring and distinctive flavours. Ingredients are sourced locally, are always fresh, and no colouring or preservatives are ever added to their food (we luv!)

Two of the talented people behind Ottolenghi, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, also put together a fabulous cookbook in 2008, sharing 140 recipes that reflect what they do at their restaurant. We have this cookbook so stay tuned for any recipe experimenting we may be doing. Recipes range from light salads and roast vegetable salads, to meat and poultry dishes, to both savory and sweet pastries. This cookbook allows you to understand their food philosophy in an accessible, straightforward way, stepping into the wonderful world of Ottolenghi.

Dining at the Islington branch is always impressive and every experience is memorable! Their food is unexpected, inventive, and elegant. Every dish is beautifully plated and their combination of ingredients are mind-blowing. If you have the chance to visit Ottolenghi, you must taste their desserts, as they will leave you speechless! Every dessert is so decadent and lovely, you will be dreaming about them for days after.

Who knows? We might even hold a foodie event in London one day. That is definitely something to look forward to!

For information about the wonderful and innovative Ottolenghi, please visit their website

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Mummy/Daddy & Me Cupcake Decorating

Our Mummy/Daddy and Me classes are for parents looking for something creative and fun to do with their little ones. The first part of the class is working with colouring fondant and using it to create lots of fun kids’ shapes like elephants, giraffes, butterflies, and more. The second half of the class allows kids to try piping vanilla buttercream icing onto their cupcakes using a variety of tips.

This is definitely a great opportunity for mommies or daddies and their child to spend some quality time together, having fun, and letting their creativity shine through! At the end of the class, everyone gets to leave with 6 decorated cupcakes ready to be enjoyed!

Class Time – 1 hour

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How to make Cake Pops

Cake Pops basics for those who want to know how to get their much loved cake on a stick. Cake pops are moist balls of cake, dipped in hard candy coating; enjoyed by everyone on the beloved lollipop stick. Sounds easy, but they are a bit tricky!
Learn the tricks of the trade here with our cake pops expert!

Class Time – 2 hours