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Read about some of the NEW classes we’ve added to the schedule:

Find a date that suits your needs and bring your best friend or partner to a class! Check out our class schedule here.

Knife Skills

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 10.55.22 PMHave you ever wondered how to slice, dice, julienne or chiffonade your vegetables like a pro? In this hands-on class you will learn the fundamental knife skills, how to chose a knife, safe handling and how to cut up all the vegetables required to make a delicious French Quiche.

Make your Asian cooking really shine in this class specializing in comparing the classical European cuts to the traditional Asian cuts such as rolling wedges, rectangular cuts, bias strips and using vegetable cutters, with enough hands on vegetable cutting that you can make your on noodle dish the next night.  We will then do a wok cooking demonstration, showing how correct cuts and wok order can make your stir fries taste like  restaurant quality dishes

Learn to cut up fruit and make simple yet beautiful fruit platter in this class using all of our fabulous seasonal fruit. Learn how to segment, core, dice, wedge and mince as well as how to make simple fruit platters. Discover fabulous fruit combinations that really pop and make a professional fruit topping for a pre-made custard tart.

Cupcake Bouquet

IMG_8729In this class learn to make colorful and edible centerpieces with cupcakes. You will learn piping techniques to create floral patterns with butterceam icing and to how to build a cupcake bouquet. Each guest will take home a cupcake bouquet they have decorated and assembled.



How to Bake the Perfect Cake

IMG_0189This is the baking 101 course from Le Dolci. This class will discuss the very basic types of cakes and the science behind baking the perfect cake. We will cover the differences between sponge cake, genoise and butter cake. There will be demonstration on sponge cake and genoise cake, and students will gain experience in baking their own cake.




Advanced Piping Techniques

piping techniquesNot sure how to use a piping bag? We are here to rescue. In this class you will learn how to master piping techniques using different piping tips. The class will not only cover the basic stars, shell borders, ropes and rosettes, but you will also learn how to pipe different types of flowers like roses, pansies, daffodils and apple blossoms. Each student will bring home a small cake decorated as a basket with beautiful piped flowers they make on their own.