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The Rainbow Plate & Le Dolci Collaborate for Nutrition Month

Rainbow Plate is coming to Le Dolci for children’s workshops – exposing children to fresh, real food in a relaxed and interactive setting. Read below about Nutrition Month, and contact us to book your child’s birthday party with Rainbow Plate and us.
This March, as Dietitians of Canada launches its annual Nutrition Month, food education program Rainbow Plate kicks its growth plan into high gear. With Statistics Canada reporting that 31% of Canadian children are overweight or obese, the timing is critical. The subsequent health risks and healthcare costs arising from poor eating habits during childhood and adolescence underscore the need to counteract the problem with nutrition education.
Throughout the month of March, Rainbow Plate will be sharing its food and nutrition expertise and serving up hands on programming to kids and adults to combat negative interactions around food at home or at school.
The Rainbow Plate’s top tips to create positive interactions around food:
• Make food an adventure with your family. Discover the fun and fascinating side of food. Encourage your child to use their senses to explore and describe colours, textures and tastes.
• Eat together with your child as often as you can. Make the goal to create relaxed and pleasant mealtimes.
• Play the long game – children need to learn to like new foods. Did you know that the average child needs 15 tries before they will like something new?
• Bring your kids shopping. Try to involve them in meal and snack preparation, and they’ll be more likely to eat what they’ve prepared.
Visit Rainbow Plate and learn more on how you can inspire your child to embrace real food.