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Things we love: Sakura Matcha Latte Kit-Kat

It’s cherry blossom (sakura) season! So with sakura, comes limited edition matcha & sakura kit-kats; wonderful! We’ve only tried matcha and sakura kit-kats, but not with the two together. We spotted them at the Japanese grocery store Sanko, located on Queen St West, between Bathurst and Ossington. Yes, the box says “maccha”, but we’ll keep it “matcha” for now.

When we opened the packaging, there was this whiff of matcha and we were transported to heaven. Taste wise, we definitely tasted the matcha more. Sakura is fragrant and has this very distinctive taste, and you kind of taste it at the end. It’s a bit indescribable, but when you taste it, you’ll know. It kind of lingers at the back of your tongue. Since it’s a latte version, this kit-kat is very creamy and smooth – you’ll notice it for sure. This exquisite kit-kat isn’t just a simple piece of sweet chocolate wafer, because boy, it’s so much more than that!