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Things We Love: David’s Tea!

For all you tea lovers out there, have you ever tried a loose leaf tea from the Canadian based David’s Tea? We heard about it when we were located in London, England and a friend had a little pot delivered quarterly by her friends back in Vancouver! We thought she was odd for this tea delivery, but not after we tried some of their fab blends!

If you adore your morning and afternoon tea, David’s is the perfect tea parlour to find almost any flavour of tea you could imagine. From Dulce and Banana to Cheeky Lychee, you are bound to find a flavour of tea that fits your cravings of the day; are you ready for a cuppa yet?

What makes David’s a favourite is the fact that you can drop in and grab a cup of tea to enjoy in their trendy and energizing environment or take out a tin of freshly packaged loose leaves to enjoy at home. When you step into David’s you may at first become overwhelmed by all the brightly colored tins of tea leaves. However, there’s no need to fret as the tea gurus of David’s are always friendly and know pretty well everything there is to know about tea. The teas are all organized by color from herbal teas right through to white teas with black teas, green teas and Oolong teas in the middle- this makes finding the perfect cup of tea a lot easier.

A favourite tea of ours is their Organic Cream of Earl Grey (it has a creamy twist) it is delicious black or with a hint of milk and sugar. For lovers of everything herbal, their Forever Nuts flavour is out of this world! If you enjoy the nuttiness of almonds, as well as the bite of apple cinnamon, than this tea will really get your senses going, especially when you see its pretty pink color.

Is it afternoon tea time yet? Hopefully you will enjoy your next cup of tea at David’s, the ladies of icing sugar towers certainly will! They are also a short distance away from us so you can pop over there after you have done your cupcake decorating.

Sip Yourself Happy!

Check out their website for some more tea loving fun!