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March 16-20, 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Will your kids be bouncing off the walls on March Break and you are still not sure how you are going to keep them busy? Well, our March Break Baking & Crafts Camp is the perfect solution! Happening between March 16th and March 20th  your little ones will put on their aprons and chef hats and start baking culinary creations – everything from marshmallows and truffles to crepes and pies.

Parents can sign their little chefs up for one day or the whole week of culinary fun. This march break’s foodie fun will include:

  • marshmallows + hot chocolate
  • scones- sweet + savoury
  • chocolate truffles
  • crepes- sweet + savoury
  • pies

Crafts, musical activities and healthy snacks and lunches round out the day. Email us at or contact us at 416-262-3400 to reserve your child’s spot. $360/per child for the full week.

  • Ages 4 to 12
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The Perfect “Sweet” Gift This Holiday Season – Le Dolci Gift Certificates!

In another week it’ll be December and we all know what that means: gift-hunting for the holidays!  All of us have so much going on with our lives whether it’s work, school, friends, family, and hobbies, or vacations – or maybe even a little bit of everything!  With all of that going on, the holidays can be tough, juggling events and holiday get-togethers on top of having to figure out the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Le Dolci to the rescue! 

Your favourite cupcake studio is here with the perfect gift solution for all your friends and family: gift certificates!  Gift certificates are redeemable for any of our fabulous classes – marvelous macarons, terrific truffles, introduction to cake pops, and any one of our many themed introduction to cupcake decorating classes!

Perfect for the people in your life who love sweets, who want to learn about professional cake artistry, or who just want to enjoy a relaxing time doing something out of the ordinary.  Feel happy this holiday season knowing you’re giving a thoughtful, sweet gift.

Purchase through our site’s class schedule page values of $60 & $80 or give us a call to order in any amount and we will post you a little white envelope of sweet fun.


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Terrific Truffles!

All we need to do is look to confectionery to see why the old adage, “big things come in small packages,” rings true.  The chocolate truffle is the epitome of bite-size decadence and at Le Dolci’s truffle making class on Friday, November 25th from 7-9pm you’ll have the opportunity to sink your teeth (literally!) into one of France’s most luxurious creations.

We not only marvel at a truffle’s exquisite, polished appearance but we also revel in its complex interior of chocolate filling.  What makes the chocolate truffle so special is the concentration of flavour in its ganache center.  Cooked at just the right temperature, solid semisweet chocolate is combined with cream and then cooled to form a rich, smooth paste.  Coated in an outer shell of chocolate – be it dark, milk, or white – truffles can then be rolled in cocoa powder, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, or any number of other sweet flavourings.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to truffles’ fillings and flavourings with fruity, nutty, tea & coffee inspired options just to name a few!

At Le Dolci’s truffle making class, you’ll have the pleasure of experimenting and mixing flavourful concoctions of ganache filling, outfitting your truffles in an attire of sweet coating, and taking your dainty creations home – don’t be surprised if they disappear before then though!