Butterceam and Cake Club - FAQs – Le Dolci
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Cake & Buttercream Course

Butterceam and Cake Club - FAQs

Butterceam and Cake Club - FAQs

FAQ baking questions for online course:

How do I divide the batter:

The recipe yield is a little tricky to read. All of the recipes yield enough cake batter to fit into 2x 6'' tall cake pan = 2 layers that can be cut into 2 = 4 cake layers for cake decorating OR 3 x 6'' cake pan = 3 layers, which you will not trim = 3 final cake layers for cake decorating. There is no weight amount per pan.  We created the recipe like this because cake equipment can be costly so we tried to be mindful of that when creating the recipes giving our customers some options.

How do I know if my cake batter will fit in a cake pan:

Recipes will always have a recommended yield (if they do not I would not use the recipe as it's a sign it's not a good one). You can use the recommended yield or experiment with your own cake pan sizes.

bigger pan= longer baking time. There is no mathematical equation to know how long your cake is going to take to bake. Use the recipe times to guide you, then check on your cake periodically after that. Test the centre of your cake and when the toothpick comes out clean it is done.

Why am I using a paddle attachment instead of a whisk with the Vanilla batters:

Paddle attachment because it has less loops than a whisk so you are less likely to overmix your batter. Whisk attachment would be used to whip air into your batter and we do not want to do that for these vanilla cakes. Too much air can make your cake collapse in the oven.

How do I know if my scale is accurate:

Take a look at your scale to see how accurate the weight is. Some scales go up in increments of 2 or 5 at a time. It states the increment increase usually where the buttons are on a scale or on the box it came in. More accurate scales increment increase is 0.5 or 1g increments at a time.

Can I use measuring spoons to weigh out my chemical leverners as my scale is not accurate?

Sure you can!

1 gram of baking powder = 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

1 gram of baking soda= 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

make sure your scoop is light and not compact

My Red Velvet cake did not turn out red, what can I do?

Your red velvet may appear more chocolatey if you are using a good quality cocoa powder or a darker cocoa powder. If this is the case, you can always take away 10g of cocoa powder and add 10g more flour. I would also up the amount of red dye. You can either use the recommended amount of dye that it says on the dye bottles label, otherwise start with 1 Tablespoon of dye versus the 1/4 tsp in the recipe. You can always adjust the dye from there. Start with the 1 tablespoon and if it's still not the colour you are looking for, add another 1 tablespoon. It will aslo bake off darker than it looks when it's raw. Depending on the dye and concentrate of the red you may have to adjust the amount from the original recipe.

My buttercream recipe tastes like butter, did I do something wrong?

The buttercream recipe is buttery as the name suggests. Vanilla buttercream just might not be your style. Flavouring the buttercream always helps. You can add about 1/4 cup of flavouring to the finished buttercream. Get creative, melted chocolate, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc. At the end of the course you will also receive a bonus recipe binder that has flavour suggestions and recipes.